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September 25, 2015

Poll: Do you auto upload photos to OneDrive?

Being such high-quality cameras, our Lumia smartphones are often the first devices we reach for when we want to take a photo. But what steps do you take to make sure your photos are safe and stored in the cloud?

On your Lumia, you have the option to automatically upload all of your photos to your OneDrive account, meaning you don’t have to think about doing it later manually. Putting your photos on OneDrive makes them accessible through any internet-connected device.

As well as providing you with extra storage by doing so, opting to upload automatically means you’ll never forget that time your friend tripped over on the dance floor, or the time your sister got married, and, of course, all those moments in between.

So, have you enabled auto upload to OneDrive in your camera settings? Cast your vote!

Thanks for taking part; we’ll bring you the results next week.