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October 1, 2015

Which selfie app is best for you?

So many looks, so many apps for Lumia!

Capturing an interesting selfie means more than pointing your Lumia camera at your face and snapping a photo. Many apps exist to spice up your personal style and highlight your mood, ambition level, and even sneakiness.

Check out these free selfie apps and see which one belongs on your Lumia Start screen.


  • Random filter: Can’t decide on a filter? Tap the random button and the B612 app will select one for you.
  • Vignette: Darkens the borders of a photo to put the spotlight on what’s really important–you!
  • Collage shot: Put multiple selfies into one photo–like the opening of “The Brady Bunch,” but each square contains a different photo of you.
  • Timer: Give yourself time to strike a pose in increments of two or five seconds.

Lumia Selfie

  • Timer: Delay taking that awesome shot of yourself by two, five, or 10 seconds.
  • Auto selfie: Use this feature to take great photos with your phone’s main camera. Your device will beep to help you get the camera in the right place and then automatically take your photo.
  • Auto enhancement: All photos you take are automatically enhanced.
  • Filters: Apply various special effects to your pictures.


  • Photobooth: Transform your Lumia into a photo booth and take between one and six photos at intervals of 1-20 seconds. You’ll be rewarded with a series of cool Polaroid-style photos.
  • Text: Add fun messages to your photos.
  • Photo editor: Make your photos extra-special with more than 30 different filters, 20+ textures, and 10 masks.
  • Cortana support – Open Cortana and say something like “4shots, take three pictures” to take a trio of selfies instantly.


  • Capture both sides: Take a photo of what’s in front of you and then add your selfie to the shot to complete the story. The upper half of the photo will be from your perspective, while the lower half shows you.
  • Filters: Select a few simple filters or auto-enhancements before posting your photo online.


  • Secret selfies: Want to take a secret snapshot of a friend? Pass them your phone and while they’re looking at your screen, SecretSelfie is busy secretly snapping selfies of them.

Voice Selfie

  • Voice activation: Just say “self!” or other favorite word and Voice Selfie will take a photo automatically.
  • Timer: Take a photo on a three-second delay.

As you can see, there’s more than one way to take a selfie. For more information on how to take a perfect selfie with your Lumia, go here.