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October 16, 2015

Our 5 best Surface and Windows phone apps of the week

Here our choices for the week’s five best new apps for Surface and Windows phone.

Now that both Lumia and Surface are being covered in the Microsoft Devices Blog, we are featuring apps for both devices in our weekly list. Most of these apps work on both, so try them out and see which one is your favorite.


PicHit Photo Finder

What is it: photo-browsing tool for Windows tablets, including Surface, and Windows phone

Why we love it: Imagine collaborating with photographers from around the world on your presentation or blog projects–all from an app. That’s PicHit Photo Finder (free). You can access featured image collections (such as Architecture, Animals, and more) to find the perfect photo or make a photo request for what you need.

PicHit Photo Finder knows you and remembers your choices, making it easier to find the photos you need. You can also browse the most popular or newest photos shared by PicHit’s 8,000 photographers.

Who it’s for: anyone in need of photos

Doodle Gods 8bit

Doodle God: 8-bit Mania

What is it: retro world-building game for Windows tablets, including Surface, and Windows phone

Why we love it: Say what you will about the 1980s, there’s one style from that decade that never grows old—the look and sounds of its arcade games. Now “Doodle God: 8-bit Mania” ($1.99 USD) has taken the globally popular, world-building “Doodle God” game and redrawn it from start to finish in retro pixel graphics.

There’s a bouncy 8-bit music soundtrack to go with it, too. Create your planet from elements like air and fire as usual, but with the square-edged appeal of games from the golden age of video.

Who it’s for: sandbox builders


Slots Pro

What is it: a slot machine game for Windows tablets, including Surface

Why we love it: Discover just how perfect the Windows universe is for playing slots in the all-new just-for-Windows “Slots Pro” (free). Each of the game’s three unique slot machines features its own theme and mini-game, and you’ll compete on global leaderboards with people from around the world as you play to run up the biggest bankroll.

Spin the reels on the Riches of Athens machine, run up your numbers on Jungle Jackpot (set in a Mayan jungle), or play in Victorian England on the Victorian Treasures machine. There are tons of achievements and collectible items to play for, making this a slot game you’ll be enjoying for months to come.

Who it’s perfect for: gamblers on a budget

Pic Star

Pic Star

What is it: a puzzle game about pictures for Windows tablets, including Surface, and Windows phone

Why we love it: Picture puzzles are great entertainment for the whole family, and “Pic Star” takes the fun to a new level with five cool pictures games in one free app. Use each picture to figure out the missing word in categories such as Animals, Food, and Travel.

Each game mode has its own set of rules, and hundreds of free levels mean the play can go on and on. Earn coins to unlock packs and hints to help you solve even more puzzles.

Who it’s perfect for: casual gamers


NASCAR (update)

What is it: must-download NASCAR enthusiast app on Windows tablets, including Surface

Why we love it: The thrills and action of the 2015 Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup are even more exciting this fall with the free official NASCAR app ready for Windows 10.

Follow your favorite drive with targeted news, video, and social content, and get access to schedules, standings, live race features, and live NSCS leaderboards, too—along with in-car cameras and driver audio during the races.

Who it’s perfect for: armchair NASCAR fans

That’s it for this week, app fans. Come back next week to see which five apps deserve a spot on your Lumia and Surface.