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December 9, 2015

Lumia Challenge: Best of 2015

We’ve celebrated many members of the Lumia community over the past 12 months as they’ve shared their amazing photos, videos and stories. But now it’s time to find out who will walk away with our “Best of 2015” title and prize?

Coming up with only one winner seems an impossible task; therefore, we decided to have three winners spanning three different categories:

  • Personality of the year – Someone who used their Lumia to #DoGreatThings this year
  • Photo of the year – A person who used the Lumia’s innovative camera technology to capture something beautiful, clever, interesting, or inspiring.
  • Video review of the year – A vlogger who put together a creative review of a Lumia that stands out from the crowd.

A huge thank you to our brilliant nominees and to our ever out-standing Lumia Voices community for voting. However, without further ado… the wait is over!

We’re pleased and honored to present to you that the Lumia Voices Personality, Video and Photo of the year winners are…