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December 23, 2015

Work can wait: Create your Out of Office image with Microsoft

Heading home for the holidays? First, put together a fun out-of-office image through Microsoft’s Center for Out of Office Excellence to let everyone know you’ll be away from the workplace.

With the holiday break just around the corner, you should be wrapping up your reports or putting a pause on your projects. But before you head out the door, compose your out-of-office message.

Whether it’s no-nonsense (“I will not be checking my emails until I return”) or whimsical (“Skiing + family + hot toddies + crackling fire = holidays!”), Microsoft’s Center of Out of Office Excellence can help you illustrate it!

  1. Go here and upload your image. It could be holiday-themed or perhaps one of a recent vacation.
  2. Choose an out-office-stamp.
  3. Share your photo. You can download the image and insert it at the end of your out-of-office message or share with friends and family.

Here are a few images we created. They come from Tiina Jaatinen, editor-in-chief for Microsoft Devices Blog; Lindsey Matese, Microsoft senior communications manager; Stephen Alvarez, National Geographic photographer and Microsoft devices ambassador; and the editors of Microsoft Devices Blog:

Image from Tiina Jaatinen, Stevens Pass Ski Resort, Washington.
Stevens Pass Ski Resort, Washington.
Image from Lindsey Matese, Shi Shi beach on the Olympic Peninsula.
Shi Shi beach on the Olympic Peninsula.
Image from Stephen Alvarez, Kilmarnock, Northern Neck of Virginia
Kilmarnock, Northern Neck of Virginia
Christmas tree, San Francisco, California.
San Francisco, California.
Christmas tree ornaments, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
Bedfordshire, United Kingdom.
Kayak on Lake Tahoe, California.
Lake Tahoe, California.

Need a bit of help setting up your out-of-office message on Outlook? Doug Thomas from our Office team has a handy video tutorial:

Last but not least, be sure to check out the other fun stuff on the Center for Out of Office Excellence. Included is the piece, “The Secret History of the Out of Office Message” and an OOO Hall of Fame with our favorite user-submitted images.

Happy Holidays!