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Bao makes her mark on the rooftops of Hong Kong for Designed on Surface

Written By published January 21, 2016

Bao’s artistic journey is one that we find super inspirational and know many will be able to relate to. Bao is one of the youngest artists to contribute to the Designed on Surface global art project.

She only started her full-time art career a little over one year ago, but is already starting to find success in Hong Kong during festivals & private commissions. In an all-too-male-dominated scene, Bao is a relative newcomer and we think she is going to start making serious waves. A few weeks ago, we partnered with Bao to see her interpret what is means to do great things.

Working on a roof top of this size required careful planning and grid work. Bao used a Surface Pro 4 to create both the initial sketch and detailed drawing. Painting her signature characters, all exploring their passions, on this inner city rooftop took days of careful work. We believe the result is stunning, fun, and an awesome addition the “roofline” of Hong Kong.

Bao's roofline art in Hong Kong
With Surface I can use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to work and create anywhere. I don’t have to carry all my other  tools”

We were lucky to document the creation Bao’s mural with time-lapse photography + everyone loves drone footage. Check out this video:

If you want to learn more about how Surface helps Bao do great things head on over to and read the stories of 17 artists creating murals all over the world.

We will be back next week with another story about artists doing great things with Surface.

Bat working on her mural art on her Surface.
A close up of Bao working on her mural art on her Surface.
Bao working on her rooftop mural.
Bao (4)
Bao (5)