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February 4, 2016

Surface 3 is a hit in schools… and now at a 30% discount

Surface 3 has been a hit with teachers and students who tell us they love the portability, the tablet and laptop form factor, and most of all… the Pen and ability to move to a paperless classroom with digital ink.  And since we launched Surface 3 last May, we’ve seen increasing numbers of schools – across elementary, high school, and university – adopting Surface 3 as their 1:1 computing student device.

Three young students playing and working with Surface 3.

Broadclyst Primary School, the ROC of Amsterdam, the Ministry of Education Luxembourg, Hillcrest Christian College in Australia as well as Chino Valley Unified School District in the U.S. were among the first to buy and deploy Surface 3. It’s so rewarding for us to see videos like these in classrooms at Sarasota County Schools and Wymondham High Academy where teachers and students are doing great things with Surface 3.

On the heels of attending the BETT conference in the UK, we are excited to welcome even more schools to the Surface family including United Arab Emirates-based Mohammad Bin Rashid Smart Learning Programme, Western Sydney University, Fulton County Schools, and many more.


“Without digital ink we would use the computers as a typewriter or for research…but we would never use it for math, science, or art.” — 2015 IDC Survey of US Educators


These educational institutions and others are experiencing how Surface helps teachers and students be more product with pen and digital ink, plus a click-in keyboard. So, in an effort to empower even more schools with Surface we are offering a new 30% discount on our Surface 3 Education Bundle.

New discount for schools adopting Surface 3

Given the positive response to Surface 3 from schools, and to help even more schools experience the benefits of Surface in the classroom, we are offering the Surface 3 Education Bundles at a 30% discount* for Education customers until June 30th.  The Surface 3 Education Bundles include the device, keyboard and pen, and beginning February 1st, orders will ship with the new Surface Pen.

Surface 3 for Education promo

Welcoming more than 23,000 new students and educators to the Surface family

Logo for Mohammad Bin Rashid Smart Learning Programme

The K-12 focused, United Arab Emirates-based Mohammad Bin Rashid Smart Learning Programme was among the first educational institutions to see what a uniquely flexible tool Surface can be for their classrooms. They have deployed more than 10,000 Surface Pro devices to empower each and every student to learn in an interactive, engaging environment and ultimately prepare them to become future leaders and innovators in their respective fields.

“The goal of the Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Learning Program is to empower our students to realize their full potential as future leaders. We do this through the application of world class teaching techniques and innovative technology, and we are proud to partner with Microsoft Surface on the next phase of the program.” –  HE Mohammed Gheyath, Director General, Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program


Western Sydney University in Australia continues to work tirelessly to provide a more personalized, flexible learning environment for its students:

“Several years ago WSU became one of the first universities to provide devices for students, but our 5,000 Surface device distribution takes that a step further,” said WSU Vice-Chancellor Professor Barney Glover. “This marks the beginning of a unique device approach developed through consultation between industry and Deans across all faculties, empowering students with a relevant device specific to their course curriculum.”

Logo for Fulton County Schools

Fulton County Schools is one of the oldest and most diverse school districts in Georgia, with a history of technology innovation in learning.  For the 2016 Academic Year, Fulton County will be deploying Surface 3 to all students and teachers in in five of its schools.

“We promote the seamless and effective use of technology to support student learning.  And versatile devices that support digital inking, like Surface 3 allow our teachers and students to more deeply integrate technology into instruction and learning activities.” – Serena Sacks, CIO Fulton County Schools

Logo for Omaha Public School District

Many schools are empowering teachers and students themselves to select their own teaching and learning devices. Omaha Public School District is a great example of this – see how Wakonda Elementary School structured its device selection process here.

Shireland Collegiate Academy, a Microsoft Showcase School, uses Surface 3 to do flipped learning and improve pupil engagement.

Special Education departments across the world are adapting to diverse student learning needs by taking advantage of the versatility of form factor and the multiple input/output modes Surface has to offer.

And with the recently announced new Learning Tools for OneNote, we’re even more excited to be able to provide Microsoft hardware and software solutions that provide accessible learning for all students.

New study shows Surface Pen and digital ink can positively impact teacher productivity

Adding to the existing research that shows handwriting as an important factor in memory retention and student learning, IDC recently completed a study which looks at how handwriting is used by educators as a teaching tool. When considering some of the key findings in this study, it’s clear why Surface is developing a strong fan base among educators.

  • 90% of teachers using a digital inking device agree it allows them to increase the quality of their curriculum.
  • 2 out of 3 teachers using a digital inking device agree it saves time when preparing materials and grading homework.

Quotes from educators participating in the study are also telling:

  • “Digital ink is transformational in terms of the way feedback for students occurs. Often the feedback takes the form of simple annotations, markups and highlights.”
  • “Last year I printed out about 900 pieces of paper per student. This year I’ve printed out a total of about 40 pages per kid. That’s a massive reduction”
  • “I don’t bring paper home to grade anymore. It’s all on my computer.”
A screenshot of Surface Education Digital Inking brochure

A white paper outlining the results of this study can be found here.

We love to hear stories of schools adopting Surface, so keep them coming!  And we hope that with this new discount, even more schools will be able to take advantage of the Power of the Pen with Surface 3!

*Final price will come from the authorized reseller. The offer applies to Surface 3 Education bundle SKUs only. Surface Pro 4, Surface Book and non-bundle SKUs are not included in this promotion.