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March 15, 2016

Shooting street style at Milan Fashion Week with Nima Benati and Lumia 950

Nima Benati, is a 23-year-old fashion photographer, and despite her young age, she is already making waves in the fashion industry. After working for several famous brands and magazines, she recently decided to undertake a new challenge: portray the street style at Milan Fashion Week with her Lumia 950.

Image from Nima Benati's fashion shoot in Milan. Shot with Lumia 950.

When Nima was a child, she used to browse through fashion magazines, dreaming of being part of the fashion world one day.

Once Nima turned 16, she got a professional camera and started to arrange amateur photoshoots. She took care of everything: the makeup, hairstyle and styling. In just a few years, Nima found herself working for many Italian fashion brands, and conquering the covers of some the top magazines in the industry, becoming a true style icon.

Nima is constantly trying to amaze her fans. She was inspired by the fact that on social media many people mistake the pictures she’s taken with a professional camera to the ones taken backstage with a smartphone.

She thought it would be interesting to see if she could do the whole photoshoot with her Lumia 950 that Microsoft gifted to her. Would anyone spot the difference? She decided to use the Milan Fashion Week as the location for her Lumia smartphone shoot, capturing street style.

For a photographer, talent isn’t everything. A great shot requires powerful equipment, capable of capturing exactly what the artist has in mind.

Nima immediately appreciated the quality of Lumia 950 camera, loving the possibility to manually adjust the camera settings, just like with her professional camera. This allowed her to make great pictures even though the sky was very cloudy.

Nima, who is constantly working on the go, was also surprised how Continuum together with the Microsoft Display Dock, enables her to use the Lumia 950 almost like a PC. This is very useful for her, as many times she finds herself in a hotel room around the world without a PC. Nima has also been able to test the new Surface Pro 4, discovering a new way of reviewing and editing her shots while on the go.

We are truly inspired by Nima’s story and that she is constantly pushing her limits to #DoGreatThings. And the images are stunning too, don’t you agree? Let us know on Twitter.

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