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Developer, CEO, entrepreneur and father — all with a Surface in hand

Written By published September 22, 2016

Software Architect, Cloud Consultant, Entrepreneur, Community Leader, Events Organizer, Dedicated Father. All those hats make for a busy life in Sweden and the many countries he travels to. Magnus Mårtensson makes the most of his time and travels by using a Surface Pro 3, which he loves.

Magnus Mårtensson

Here is Magnus, in his own words:

“As CEO of Loftysoft I am constantly on the move, as a speaker on a stage near you, delivering training to those that seek greater insight into the Cloud, or consulting and bringing true value to my customers everywhere.”

Magnus Mårtensson

Magnus is the founder and CEO of consulting firm Loftysoft AB, based out of Sweden. He has a historical background in .NET development as a Software Architect, Technical Specialist and Team Lead since 1997. The firm focuses on:

  • Strategic advice on cloud computing scenarios and application migration to the cloud. This starts with the CEO and later becomes a technical challenge.
  • Software Architecture guidance and development practice to advise specifically on Cloud Best Practices and on general development form and hygiene factors, as well as continuous delivery, testing and multi-environment deployments.
  • Training for the Microsoft Azure Cloud, .NET Software Development and testing.
Magnus Mårtensson

I spoke to Magnus and got some insight as to his career and his choice for professional tools. He had previously worked at a large company and made the move to start his own business. This required him to travel a lot more to talk to his clients. Additionally, his line of work involves bringing his clients along with him on the cloud journey, so he needed a powerful device to run Visual Studio on, while maintain the portability needed for travel. Lastly, he likes to stay ahead of the technology curve when possible to show his clients he understands trends and tendencies – so latest and greatest technology becomes a key component of his sales strategy. These are some of the reason he had chosen a Surface Pro 3 to be his main computer. Oh, and he wanted me to make clear that his other computer is an Azure Datacenter.

Magnus Mårtensson

On his Surface Pro 3, he does lots of development work and often runs Outlook, several instances of Visual Studio, Skype, and multiple browsers in multiple instances, in addition to the requisite Azure tools for his job. At work, he docks his Surface to use an external monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse. While on the road, he appreciates the light weight of the Surface Pro 3 and the Type Cover experience, saying that “quite often I don’t even bother to take my Surface Bluetooth Mouse out of my bag. I just use the trackpad”.

So, there it is, a true road warrior who travels the world to meet with clients and colleagues, yet doesn’t sacrifice performance since he carries his full development and executive workload on his Surface Pro 3.