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Microsoft HoloLens
December 19, 2016

Actiongram executive producer pens mixed reality op-ed for Quartz

In early October, our very own Carrine Fisher, executive producer of Actiongram, participated in the ‘Stories That Surround You’ panel discussion at the Future of Storytelling Festival in New York. Off the back of this panel, Carrine was invited to contribute an opinion piece to Quartz, and we’re delighted to share that story with you today.

Actiongram executive producer pens mixed reality op-ed for Quartz

Carrine contends that mixed reality is the next big computing opportunity, and that enabled devices will eventually become as widespread as the PC is today. More than this, these devices will be more accessible and empowering that computing as we know it today, presenting an opportunity for all manner of storytellers, from everyday home users to major film studios.

Actiongram is an application for Microsoft HoloLens that, in the words of Kudo Tsunoda, “allows people without 3D skills and visual effects experience to be amazing holographic storytellers.” We’re continually adding new holographic content to Actiongram for users to leverage, with recent additions including George Takei and My Singing Monsters.

We hope you enjoy the read, and we hope that you’re as excited for the future of mixed-reality storytelling as we are!