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Bohn Jsell designs created on Surface Pro 4

Bohn Jsell on why they love theSkimm and Surface

By Sohana Punithakumar

“We got more than what we paid for; Surface is basically a 3-in-1,” said Skimm’r and Bohn Jsell designer John I was thrilled to meet Surface fans Kasha and John, the co-founders of Bohn Jsell Collections at the #NineteenthAmendmentPeople event… Read more

Small businesses using Surface

Sustainable small business uses Surface to stay agile

By Alejandro Fuquen

The Dostals use Microsoft products and a bi-product of biodiesel creation to produce premium soaps and With holidays approaching, along with some of the busiest shopping days of the year, we wanted to slow down and highlight a small business… Read more

Surface Book with Performance Base

New Surface Book and Surface Dial go on sale today

By Panos Panay

A year ago, we announced Surface Book for customers who sought the versatility of a 2:1 device but yearned for a more familiar laptop form The reception this product received was nothing short of While the existing product is perfect… Read more

Surface and the NFL: Changing the Game

Surface and the NFL: Changing the Game

By Yusuf Mehdi

This week Surface has been at the center of the debate on the role of technology in the NFL, with different opinions shared from coaches and We thought it might be valuable to share some additional context from our We… Read more


Design entrepreneur and Surface fan Patrick DuChene

By Marisa Messina

Patrick DuChene bought his Surface Pro 4 right before a last-minute business trip, and has been in love ever   “I always kind of brushed these Surface Pro 4 devices off because I am so into raw power in I never thought they were… Read more