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What does productivity sound like?

By Microsoft Devices Team

Every second, the human brain is bombarded with around one billion stimuli (1), many of which are Of these, only roughly 100 individual sensations are actually Sifting through this mental noise, the left half of the brain distinguishes and removes… Read more


Amazing tricks to make your Lumia sound bigger

By Microsoft Devices Team

You’ve turned up at a dinner party with a meticulously prepared playlist on your Lumia smartphone or tablet, but someone forgot to bring the However, all is not lost… Your mobile device might not pack the mighty audio punch of… Read more


What’s new in Surface Pro 2

By Surface Team

We've really enjoyed all the positive feedback we've received on Surface Pro Keep it coming! We love the product and we're glad that you do We've also seen a lot of comments about how it' so much faster and better,… Read more

The man behind the tones

Where do Nokia ringtones come from?

By Microsoft Devices Team

ESPOO, Finland - Tapio Hakanen is currently leading Nokia’s Sound Design team, who creates the sounds for our Nokia devices (ringtones, notifications and UI sounds). We talked to Tapio to understand more about what he does, how he does it… Read more