August 15, 2012

Trial Terms and Conditions

Trial Conditions

1. Trial Periods are 2 weeks. Connects will retain ownership of the device throughout.

2. Triallists agree to return the device at the end of the trial period, ensuring the device will be available for collection by the courier without any unnecessary delay.  It is essential that this agreement is abided by, and the device is returned at the end of the trial period so that others may have the opportunity, as you have, to trial it.  You are required to follow the logistics procedure as instructed.

3. Connects will cover all delivery costs including custom charges.

4. The device must be returned to us in the same condition as when it is received.  Please contact us immediately if there are any problems regarding this.  All care and proper measures to protect the device from theft, damage and any other risks should be taken including ensuring that it is not left unattended or in an insecure area.

5. Online conversations that you generate and are involved in as part of the programme will help us to better understand the opinions and issues that exist. This insight is pivotal in helping shape future products, initiatives and approaches

6. Triallists must be 16 years or over to participate in a trial

7. Due to customs restrictions, we regret that we are unable to send trial devices to Turkey or Serbia

8. Some countries will require a permit and authorisation from your national telecoms office in order to receive a trial device

9. We are only currently able to supply trial devices to those who create content in English

10. We reserve the right to refuse trials to those who exhibit offensive behaviour which will include (but not be limited to) abusive language, adult or illegal content