June 29, 2011 3:02 pm

IE 10 PP2 now available for download – HTML5 nears tipping point

Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 2 is now available for download and continues Microsoft’s commitment to interoperability with site ready HTML5, improved performance, and increased security. IE10 PP2 comes just 11 weeks after IE10 PP1 and 14 weeks after the final release of IE9. You can review all the new capabilities of IE10 PP2 in detail on the IE Engineering Blog.

The below video has a good overview of some of the new capabilities available in IE10 PP2 which are going to allow developers to build increasingly beautiful and interactive web applications with HTML5.

One of the more interesting things is how a number of the new technologies in PP2, like Web Workers with Channel Messaging and Async script support, will do even more with IE to make it efficient when it comes to battery life. I speak on behalf of all our laptops when I say, thank you!

Developers can test out these newly supported standards today at www.ietestdrive.com with demos like Fireflies, which highlights HTML5 canvas, audio, video and CSS gradients all coming together. The importance of hardware accelerating all the graphics, audio, and text is becoming increasingly evident as developers work across technologies to deliver compelling sites. New websites like Disney’s graphic novel, Tron Legacy, are a perfect example of what’s possible with HTML5 and a browser architected to deliver the performance and richness of a native app.

More of these rich HTML5 experiences are emerging every day. While undoubtedly HTML5 has been a buzzword for some time, its real world application up to this point has been applied in small doses on real sites or used to build out cool new test sites. It’s increasingly evident that is about to change.

When you look at the excitement about HTML5 from developers to design agencies to big brand companies, it’s clear that HTML5 is about to reach the tipping point where it goes from being an exciting new technology to being the default way developers build out the web.

A third of developers plan to start using HTML5 within the next six months, and an additional third plan to do so within the next two years. In fact, only 20% of developers have no immediate plans to adopt HTML5 according to a Forester study.

That intent is turning into an HTML5 web. Over 50,000 top-sites by traffic in 120 countries have taken advantage of HTML5 and related technologies including SVG, Canvas, HTML5 audio and video.

HTML5 is rapidly gaining momentum. Download IE10 PP2 at www.ietestdrive.com today and start using some of the latest capabilities. If you are a developer and you’re interested in learning more about HTML5 join an HTML5 Web Camp in your area and get training while meeting local web experts.

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