July 24, 2012 7:47 am

A New Way to Window Shop the Web

imageToday, in partnership with TheFind, we are announcing a new HTML5 online shopping experience called Glimpse Catalogs.

TheFind is a leading vertical search engine for shopping, and their slogan says it all: “Every Store. Every Product. All At Once.” They have millions of users and have been cited as one of the fastest growing companies on the web in addition to winning a 2012 Appy Award for the Best Retail Shopping App.

With all this success, the next step for TheFind was to take their award winning app experience, “Catalogue,” and couple that with their leading social shopping app on Facebook.  The goal was to create something that would leverage the immense reach of the web without compromising the beauty, richness and performance of an app.  We were excited to help.

The result is Glimpse Catalogs. Glimpse provides an HTML5 experience that allows you to flip through the web like it’s a catalog you received in the mail. Pulling from TheFind’s extensive product index, Glimpse has access to more products than any other shopping site or search engine. Check it out…

By integrating with Facebook “Likes,” Glimpse curates items specifically for you based on what you and your friends like. You can browse products by friend or brand, and catalogs in Glimpse come to life the minute you open them. You can flip a page using your finger or a mouse, with stickiness in the corners so pages turn just like the real thing, and content appears on both sides. The whole experience feels real, with pages even more life-like on touch devices, and discovering products is made easy through the clever use of hot spotting technology.


For Developers: An HTML5 Framework for Books Online

For developers, our commitment to same markup remains. Glimpse is pure HTML5 goodness, and as such, works across all browsers.

We also are giving away the HTML5 book framework that helped bring Catalogues online – built on turn.js, a feature-rich jQuery plugin for page flipping. This framework also includes:

1. Schema and code for the hot spotting technology. In Glimpse, the hot spotting technology allows users to identify product within the magazine with a single click.

2. Code for 3 presentation views for the book – full screen, grid view and spread view.

3. Improved IE 9 support in turn.js.

The framework is now available on github.


Check out this behind the scene’s video from development team across IE, TheFind, and digital agency Fi on the making of Glimpse:

Due to its rich support for hardware acceleration, Glimpse runs exceptionally well in IE9 and shines in IE10, particularly with touch. Enthusiasts with a touch capable Windows 8 device will especially see how rich the magazine experience really is as they flip from page to page – and it’s all just a web site.

We hope users of Glimpse will enjoy this and a host of other HTML5 web experiences we brought to market, including Cut the Rope and Just a Friend. Check it out today!

Ryan Gavin, General Manager, Internet Explorer

Updated November 8, 2014 2:19 am

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