October 26, 2012 10:38 am

Internet Explorer 10 Now Available with Windows 8

Today, the Windows team shared that after much anticipation, Windows 8 is available to the world.

Windows 8 represents a tremendous step forward in reimagining what people can expect from the devices in their life – whether PC, tablet, or something that can be both.

The entirely new Internet Explorer 10 is a huge part of the reimagined Windows experience.

IE10 is the Windows 8 browser. Built specifically to make the web a first class citizen on your new Windows 8 device right alongside apps.

It is exceptionally fast and fluid when it comes to performance. Most importantly, IE10 is arguably the first browser that is perfect for touch.

With an entirely new modern touch-first UI, IE10 raises the bar for what we should expect from the web on new modern devices. The underlying platform innovations in IE10 around touch are allowing developers to create new experiences that rival their native app counterparts. Check out this video from the recently released Contre Jour HTML5 game in IE10.

There are a plethora of new features in Internet Explorer 10 that we are excited about, but we want to call out some of our favorites:

Full-Screen Browsing: IE10 lets you enjoy the web as it was meant to be – with all of the focus on the sites you love. The browser appears only when you need it, and quietly gets out of the way when you don’t. Once you’ve experienced sites like Pulse with IE10, it’s hard to go back to having any chrome around your sites.

Flip Ahead: With Flip Ahead, IE10 makes clicking “Next” obsolete. A simple “swipe” gesture allows you to advance to the next page, or article, or image on sites with “Flip Ahead” functionality. Try a Bing search on IE10 once you have enabled Flip Ahead and simply swipe forward or backward to navigate your results.

Pinning: IE10 allows you to pin your favorite sites to the Start screen just like apps. Simply tapping the “Pin to Start” button in the navigation bar will create a tile on the Start screen so you can put your favorite sites right alongside your applications in a beautiful display that will truly make “Start” your home. Trying pinning Facebook, Twitter, or CNN with IE10 to see how it works.


Snapping: IE10 makes multi-tasking easy by allowing you to simply “snap” IE10 to one side of the screen, while having another application – such as Mail, Xbox Music or Microsoft Office – open on the other side. It’s small but awesome example of how the web, through IE10, just blends seamlessly into your Windows 8 experience.

Check out this short video that shows off some of these great new features in IE10.

Welcome to IE10!

Ryan Gavin

General Manager, Internet Explorer

Updated November 8, 2014 2:18 am

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