November 20, 2012 10:56 am

Take IE10 for a Spin: on Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 or Windows 7

Over the last several months you’ve seen us showcase what happens when you mix cutting edge HTML5, multi-touch and a modern browser, thanks to fun and immersive experiences like Atari Arcade, Pulse, and Contre Jour. But with Windows Phone 8 hitting stores, we thought it would be fun to push things even farther and start bringing these types of stunning experiences to mobile. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce enhanced mobile experiences for both Pulse and the Atari Arcade.

So whether you are using a new Windows 8 device, a Windows Phone 8 or you are one of our Windows 7 customers, you have a lot of great online experiences to look forward to using IE10. It’s fast, fluid, perfect for touch and it makes your favorite web sites just shine. And with IE, it’s easy to just pin your favorite sites right next to your favorite apps for one-click access.

Need a few ideas on how to start experiencing all that IE10 has to offer? Check out these great options, including the new Pulse and Atari mobile experiences.



Atari: In late August, the IE team and Atari reimagined this classic game line-up and brought them to the web with HTML5 and multi-touch at the Atari Arcade. Since then there have been over five million games played and it was named a Time Magazine top website of 2012. The site takes ten classic Atari games and enhances them with multi-touch and social integration, letting you challenge your friends across the globe to favorites like Centipede, Asteroids and Pong.

Now we’re excited that the gameplay has been extended to the mobile web – we worked with Atari and Grant Skinner again to ensure four of the original games you know and love – Pong, Missile Command, Asteroids and Super Breakout – have been updated to really light up on a smaller screen. What’s really exciting here is that Grant Skinner’s team made mobile enhancements to the CreateJS framework that we’re releasing to help developers build cross-platform HTML5 games. You can get the behind-the-scenes on the tech here.



Pulse: This summer we also worked with the folks at Pixel Lab to bring the award-winning news application Pulse online at The site is gorgeous and takes advantage of IE10’s advanced gesture support, letting you do things on the web that haven’t been possible before. For instance, pinching the screen lets you resize an article; a two finger side-swipe brings your reading pane into view; and a single swipe loads the next article in the queue.

Pulse has now also been enhanced for mobile devices, with a special focus on IE for Windows Phone 8. The updated site is completely adaptive and built using responsive design best practices. As we updated the site, we also optimized for performance, so that difficult animations or transitions have been selectively disabled or swapped for mobile friendly equivalents. It also has been updated for the television by way of the Xbox – Pulse has been updated to provide a great Xbox experience, including optimizations to the site’s color, contrast and layout. No matter where our users are, they can see the beauty of the web at



Contre Jour: If you just purchased a new Windows 8 device, another great site to visit is Contre Jour, which we released in early October with Mokus and the folks at Clarity Consulting. This game showcases the power of IE10, and takes advantage of the browser’s performance and multi-touch capabilities to provide a truly immersive experience – the browser controls melt away in IE10, so you feel like you’re in an app. There are a lot of sites – games included – that work with touch; but Contre Jour is the first game that is built for multi-touch, and even requires it at a few points to pass the more advanced levels.

While we’ve been hard at work on these sites, we’re not done yet! We continue to look for opportunities to show off what’s possible on the web in the hopes of inspiring developers and consumers to expect more from the web across PCs, tablets, phones and game consoles. More to come soon!

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