February 12, 2013 8:00 am

Contre Jour Returns with Beautiful New Levels to Excite Fans around the Globe

In October, we introduced the world to the adorable creature Petit by bringing the groundbreaking game Contre Jour to the web with Internet Explorer 10 and HTML5. Today, we are excited to announce that Petit is back with 20 new levels to play on the web. Just like the game we launched this fall, these new levels show off the power of browsing in IE10 with fully accelerated HTML5, and advanced multi-touch support for a first class browsing experience on a tablet.

We were thrilled with the positive response and global momentum from fans playing Contre Jour from over 100 countries. Bringing this successful app to the web has allowed more people from all over the world to enjoy Contre Jour. For example, since October, there have been nearly one million visitors to the site from Brazil, a market where Contre Jour previously had very little presence through other platforms, making Contre Jour a truly global experience.

Given the resounding success of the game worldwide, game creator Maksym Hryniv (Max) and the team at Pixel Lab decided to work with the IE team again to create two new “worlds.”

“Bringing my game to the web really helped me reach new fans all around the world,” said Max. “The first version was so successful that I wanted to create something truly unique for the web version. I decided to create a totally new chapter with visuals, gameplay and a new character. I think fans from my home country of Ukraine all the way to China and the U.S. will be pleasantly surprised by the look and feel of the new levels.”

The New Friend World is a sweet treat for players, featuring beautiful new sunset themed levels that provide a beautiful background to Petit’s love story just in time for Valentine’s Day. These levels are exclusive to the Web and introduce a brand new character to join Petit, named Amie. Amie, French for “friend”, is a fluffy, vibrant and energetic partner-in-crime to Petit, and flies through the levels helping Petit on his journey to find his true love, The Rose.


The new Moonlight World looks more similar to the other Contre Jour worlds, and showcases the power of IE10 as a touch browser. Contre Jour was truly designed to be a touch-first game—in fact, it was the first game brought to the web that actually required multi-touch on certain levels.


Check out the twenty new levels of gameplay for yourself at www.contrejour.ie and send a Valentine Card to share the Valentine’s love with your friends and loved ones this upcoming holiday.

Roger Capriotti
Director, Internet Explorer Marketing

Updated November 8, 2014 2:17 am

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