March 13, 2013 8:01 am

Bringing Touch Video Editing to the Web with Vyclone and Internet Explorer

Today we are excited to announce a new web experience with social video editing start-up, Vyclone. Vyclone has a very popular mobile app that allows users to co-create, sync, and edit multiple views of a single shared moment – like a concert, sporting event, or birthday. With the new Vyclone web editor released today, users can now edit and share crowd sourced video to the web using just a browser and HTML5. Best part about it? It’s built for touch, allowing users to explore social video editing as naturally as they would on mobile phone, but with a modern browser like Internet Explorer 10. Check it out here.

Does this sound familiar? You go to a concert and there is a sea of phones in the air, are as common as lighters once were. It’s human nature to want to capture the moment and share it with the world. But Vyclone takes that one step further. With Vyclone, users can access everyone else’s video to make their own director’s cut from the best views at the concert – instead of one point of view, videos can showcase the same event from multiple points of view.

What makes this new web experience unique is the collaborative approach Vyclone has taken to crowd sourcing video. The process is simple—once video is recorded from an individual’s phone, it can be shared to the cloud, where it’s available to everyone else who was at that event. (Users can also make video footage private as well.) Here’s where it gets really fun—once the video is uploaded, users can remix their content, using all of the footage uploaded by other users at the concert. With endless possibilities for storytelling and complete artistic control, users mash up scenes to create their ultimate, uniquely personal social video to share as they see fit.


This type of experience wasn’t always possible online, and Vyclone is a great example of how far the web has come. Now, through modern browsers like IE10, the web has incredible business opportunity due to the breadth of users, coupled with an app-like experience that customers have come to expect. This was compelling to Vyclone, as the mobile platform is inherently limited by mobile hardware and the number of pixels developers can squeeze into an experience, whereas the web provides the greatest reach of any platform and limitless hardware capabilities. A great example of how the web experience improves on the app experience is in the sheer number of videos a user can remix at one time. The phone provided space for four videos, but with the web experience users can remix as many as nine different videos – with potential for more in the future.

While Vylcone’s web editor will work in any modern browser, the immersive experience of video editing truly comes to life with IE10. IE10’s unparalleled touch capabilities really shine when users can swipe and tap their way through edits on nine source videos at a time. With Vyclone, video editing is actually faster than with a mouse, as users can edit as fast as their fingers can tap the screen. And off-line support allows Vyclone’s web editor to take a big leap forward, combining the richness of apps to the ubiquity and power of the web. Just a few years ago, creating this experience with no plug-ins or installed software but just a browser and HTML5 would have been science fiction.

We’re so excited to share the future of social video editing with Vyclone! Getting to work collaboratively with the Vyclone team has been an incredible experience. Be sure to try out the experience today and share something great with Vyclone and IE10, and if you’re at SxSW, head over to the Vyclone double decker bus on 1stand Trinity to see the experience in action and to hear some great up and coming artists perform.


Roger Capriotti
Director, Internet Explorer Marketing

Updated November 8, 2014 2:17 am

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