July 2, 2013 10:58 am

Celebrate your freedom to listen with Internet Explorer and Nokia Music

One of the best things about celebrating the 4th of July is spending time with your friends and family. Barbecuing, lighting off some fireworks – the only thing that’s missing is some good music! But what do you do when the host of your party tries to ruin your celebration of all things America with questionable music selection?

We’ve got you covered. The Internet Explorer team has partnered with Nokia Music to bring you Mix Party. It’s a companion web experience, where multiple people at your party can sync their smartphone to the party playlist and vote on the tracks they want to hear next. How does it work?

Step 1. You need an Xbox. Turn it on, fire up Internet Explorer in the apps, and type in this web address: mixparty.nokia.com

Step 2. Pick three artists and start your party playlist.

Step 3. Anyone at your party with a smartphone can scan the QR code and sync with the playlist Vote on the artist you want to hear next and the track with the most votes wins. That’s it!

  You know all those devices around you? Things like televisions, smartphones, laptops, tablets? Well the web today is built for one device at a time, but soon – our favorite websites will be smart enough to know we have these devices around us, and will begin to offer opportunities that bring our different ’screens” together as a seamless connected experience. We call that the Companion Web. And that’s what we’re trying to show with Mix Party! Regardless of whether you’re using a Windows Phone, iPhone, or Android phone, all you need is a modern web browser on your phone and you can connect to a Mix Party playlist. Well, that and an Xbox.


So this holiday, celebrate your independence by exercising your freedom to listen to music that you want to hear. Power up Nokia Music Mix Party, and remember, there’s nothing more American than telling someone with your vote their song selection could be improved.

Roger Capriotti

Director, Internet Explorer Marketing

Updated November 8, 2014 2:15 am

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