October 2, 2013 8:56 am

Hover: Bringing a Classic PC Game to the Web with Internet Explorer and Modern Web Standards

Today we’re excited to launch Hover for the web! You may remember Hover as the game that came on your Windows 95 CD-ROM. It’s a combination of bumper cars and capture the flag, and at the time, it displayed cutting edge graphics on PCs. As you might imagine, our multimedia capabilities have increased over the past 18 years, as has the prevalence of the internet. That’s why we are thrilled to bring Hover back with IE11 and its support for modern web standards.

With its increased performance, touch capabilities and support for modern web standards like WebGL, Internet Explorer 11 is the perfect platform for Hover. IE11 is 30% faster than other browsers, according to a recent SunSpider benchmark test. Couple that with the fact that IE11 uses hardware acceleration to deliver fast performance, and you have a web game that feels like a native app.

Like the original version, Hover works with a keyboard – but it’s even more exciting with the touch controls we’ve added, especially on a tablet running Windows 8.1. IE11 was designed from the ground up for touch – giving it extremely accurate touch responsiveness and optimization and providing you with a fluid and immersive experience. Its stick to your finger responsiveness makes touch fast and easy to use, making the game even more fun to play!

IE11 supports modern web standards, including WebGL, which allowed us to update Hover’s graphics to 3D on the web. You’ll see Hover in a whole new way – with flashes of ‘90s nostalgia from the original game if you look for them… And while Hover works best in IE, it will run in any modern browser.

HoverScreen1       HoverScreen6

Hover is a collaborative project that came to us by way of an independent developer named Dan Church. Dan grew up playing Hover and loved it so much that he asked us if he could update the game. His enthusiasm was contagious and we became excited by the idea of partnering with Dan and our friends at Pixel Labs to bring a reimagined Hover to the modern web.

Dan personally built all the game play while taking special care to keep the feel of the original game in the updated version. We worked with him and Pixel Labs to take his vision a step further by adding new features, including additional hovercrafts and support for up to eight players, so you can compete with your friends online.

Hover joins IE experiences like Everest: Rivers of Ice and Contre Jour as an example of what is possible on the web today with modern browsers and web standards. Take a look at these sites and more here.

We had a great time bringing this game back and encourage you to check it out for yourself! And if you are a web developer, you can learn more about the tech behind Hover and IE11’s support for modern web standards like WebGL at modern.ie.

Roger Capriotti

Senior Director, Internet Explorer Marketing

Updated November 8, 2014 2:14 am

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