October 21, 2013 7:57 am

IE and Red Bull Bring Rampage Freeride Biking to the Web with Internet Explorer 11

Today we’re excited to announce our partnership with Red Bull Media House to bring an immersive freeride mountain biking experience to the web in IE11. This site is part of Red Bull’s ultimate freeride downhill mountain bike contest, Rampage, which took place on October 11-13 in the Southern Utah desert. The event was live streamed over the weekend, allowing users to vote for the winner. And today, we are updating the Rampage site with a beautiful and immersive experience that delivers all of the top highlights from Red Bull Rampage. The site showcases a 3D map of the downhill course, rider bios, videos from the most epic runs, and a “behind the scenes” video. The Red Bull Rampage site takes advantage of the latest web standards like HTML5 and WebGL, demonstrating the real-world possibilities for 3D graphics and providing a great example of what’s possible in a modern browser like IE11.

Due to its remote location, only about a thousand lucky spectators actually attend Red Bull Rampage each year, so partnering with Red Bull Media House, Red Bull’s global media company, to bring this experience to millions more on the web is a great opportunity for people everywhere to truly feel what it’s like to be in attendance and experience this unique event from their tablet, PC or mobile device.

To pull off the tech behind the Red Bull Rampage site, we partnered with our friends at Pixel Lab who leveraged HTML5, WebGL and touch technology in modern browsers like IE 11 to create one of the most innovative sites ever to showcase a sports event.

Building this site was a collaborative effort across many partners – including the mountain bike athletes that competed in the event. To create the site, we started by getting 3D geographic data for both the course at Gooseberry Mesa and the surrounding area to create a geographically correct three-dimensional model of the Rampage course. We also attached a small GPS device to the rider’s mountain bikes to capture their exact location during the ride. Last, we used the timestamp on the GPS data point to align the GPS data with video footage captured by Red Bull Media House of each rider on the course. The combination of those three data sources (the 3D map, the GPS data and the footage of the rider) is what allows us to create this never before seen experience on the web.

If you are up on the Red Bull Rampage site, you can interact with each rider by clicking anywhere on the interactive 3D map and you’ll be instantly dropped into their exact location on the course in their rider video. Or, you can just sit back and track the physical position of the rider on an interactive 3D map as you watch footage of the ride, seeing the real-time position of the rider as he makes his way down the course. The experience is a new understanding of the incredible athleticism and innovation of sport showcased at Rampage! We’re only able to achieve this effect by using HTML5 and the latest browser technologies available in modern browsers like IE 11.

Final tab

The Red Bull Rampage site joins other IE experiences such as Hover, and Everest: Rivers of Ice as examples of what is possible on the web today with modern browsers and WebGL. We hope these real world experiences inspire web developers all over the world to rethink what the web can be and explore the possibilities on their own.

We enjoyed working with both the teams at Red Bull Media House and Pixel Lab to bring this site to life, and we encourage you to check it out for yourself! Be sure to also tune into the on-air broadcast of Rampage on December 21 as a part of the Red Bull Signature Series on NBC (check your local listings for exact air times).

Adarsh Nair

Group Product Manager, Internet Explorer Marketing

Updated November 8, 2014 2:14 am

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