May 22, 2014 5:01 am

The new – Discovering music has never been easier on the Web.

Last month at //BUILD/, we launched 22tracks – a completely new, touch-first music discovery experience – to showcase how Internet Explorer 11 adapts naturally across phone, laptop, tablets, and large-screen alike. Today we’re bringing this conceptual experience to all music fans that visit on the Web across browsers and devices. We’ve also added XBOX Music support – you can now listen, and buy or stream at one-click.

The new is just another step to help Rethink what the web can be – helping create amazing experiences that are fast, beautiful, and perfect for touch.

What’s different about 22tracks?

Choice is good. Curation is better. The concept behind 22tracks is simple: 22 top DJs from Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Paris share their genre’s 22 hottest tracks of the moment. Each city boasts its own team of specialized DJs bringing you the newest tracks in their genre. In Amsterdam, you have Nicky Romero curating the city’s house playlist. In Brussels, DJ Lefto is curating the Global Sounds section. Meanwhile, in London, Bicep is running the deep disco playlist, and in Paris, you can listen to the best jazz selected by China Moses. Ranging from hip hop to deep house to tropical, this musical discovery service is the perfect guide in a crowded musical landscape to discover new tracks, promote new artists and explore new genres – with each DJ bringing his or her own flavor to the table, and every city its own unique musical vibe.

Rethinking the music discovery experience on the Web

Vincent Reinders and Gilles de Smit founded 22tracks on the 22nd of October 2009. “We solve a major problem: what should I listen to now?” says Reinders. “For most people this can be an ongoing daily quest. Especially nowadays, with catalogues of more than 20 million songs available, the demand for curation and music discovery is higher than ever. I think 2014 will be a great year for us to grow and introduce more people to curated music.”


The new 22tracks is a collaboration with Vincent and Gilles to combine the best of music, design, and HTML5 web standard technology together. With more users than ever before visiting on touch-optimized mobile devices, we knew we needed a site that was more than search, play, and share. The new experience adapts responsively to a wide range of devices. You can easily switch between a disc-view with controls and a playlist-view. A new audio visualizer runs in the background using 2D WebGL that continuously adapts to the rhythm of the music and your touch interactions.

We also made it easy for music lovers to share the tracks they like by using the Windows 8 Charm Bar. They can also save a track for later with the Reading List. Can’t stop listening to that one new favorite song? Easily download it from a wide variety of music stores, including Xbox Music.

22tracks – get your next music fix

We’re delighted to collaborate with 22tracks to rethink what’s possible with music discovery on the Web. The site runs smooth, the design is fresh and the funk, well, funkier. Share with us what you think of its new looks.

Justin Garrett

Group Product Manager, Internet Explorer

Updated November 8, 2014 2:13 am

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