June 1, 2014 11:03 am

GOOOAAALLL!!! ESPN and Internet Explorer Team Up to Bring You Closer to the World Cup with ESPN FC World Cup Essentials

We’re excited to announce that we are working with ESPN to bring the ESPN FC World Cup Essentials sports hub to the web. Today’s launch is the latest installment in the Rethink IE initiative showcasing what’s possible on the web with innovative experiences – it works wells across all modern browsers and devices but it’s perfect for touch in Internet Explorer 11. By working with ESPN, we are bringing exclusive content to ESPN FC World Cup Essentials that helps keep you informed and in top form for the 2014 World Cup. The site showcases some of the best technology on the web – immersive 3D artwork made possible with HTML5 and WebGL and adaptive browsing from your mobile phone to your laptop or desktop PC.


“The World Cup is one of sports most storied events, and inspires a tremendous amount of passion and loyalty from fans around globe. The World Cup Essentials site will provide an excellent complement to the comprehensive match coverage ESPN will be providing on television and the web. Working with IE allows us to use the power of the modern browser on the web to surround the beautiful game for millions of fans, said Bryan McAleer, Associate Director, ESPN Marketing.”

ESPN FC World Cup Essentials is the Place to Get Ready for the World Cup

Matches start on June 12 in Brazil – are you fit for the kickoff? Consider ESPN FC World Cup Essentials your training ground for the World Cup. If you’re a true fan who wants the latest sports news or a rookie who wants the lowdown on your favorite team, the ESPN FC World Cup Essentials hub has you covered. The site has fast, fluid touch navigation along with responsive web design to auto-fit any device you have. You can easily stay in-the-know whether you’re watching live from Brazil, decked out in your national kit at a local bar with friends, or stuck following along from your desk at work.

A deft touch is essential for the world’s top players, and now touch is important for spectators too. Because IE is the only browser built from the ground up for touch you can pinch, zoom and bicycle kick (okay, maybe not bicycle kick, but we might have to suggest it to our engineering team) through the ESPN FC World Cup Essentials site, putting information about your favorite team, player or match right at your fingertips. Choose among headlines, match schedules, teams and history to read curated content from ESPN including everything from featured articles, to video highlights, to polls and predictions.

Access Exclusive ESPN Content and Artwork

Circle the 3D globe to swipe through the best of the past to relive your favorite moments in sporting history. Go back to the inaugural 1930 games in Uruguay or relive Spain’s victory from Johannesburg four years ago. Want to show your team pride? Learn chants and traditions with fun fan videos, so you can show your passion during the match. Swipe to browse real-time sports news and social media updates from ESPN – the most trusted name in sports.

Browse exclusive player and team artwork created by ESPN specifically for the 2014 event. Additionally, fans can download their favorite artwork through seamless integration with OneDrive on the World Cup Essentials site.

For Developers: Showcasing the Possibilities with IE11 Technology

The ESPN FC World Cup Essentials site provides a great example of what’s possible in a modern browser like IE11 using touch. To create this immersive sports experience, we utilized the latest HTML5 standards including CSS3 animations, transitions and 3D transforms, WebGL using Three.js to create 3D navigation, and Pointer Events for input that works great across touch, mouse and pen.

The 3D models and textures for each of the player graphics are loaded asynchronously for a faster experience. In order to render text content for the team names, match scores, and days in WebGL, we rendered them to a 2D texture using the 2D Canvas API and used Three.js to push those textures into WebGL. We used Ember.js to keep the WebGL content in sync with the rest of the site.

The ESPN FC World Cup Essentials site joins other IE experiences such as 22tracks and Assassin’s Creed Pirates as examples of what is possible on the web today with modern browsers. We hope these real world experiences inspire web developers all over the world to rethink what the web can be and explore the possibilities on their own.

See you on the pitch.

Roger Capriotti

Senior Director, Internet Explorer Marketing

Updated November 8, 2014 2:13 am

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