October 31, 2011 9:42 am

Simplify Client Infrastructure Configuration Management With SCM 2

We recently released Version 2 of the Microsoft Security Compliance Manager (SCM 2). Security Compliance Manager 2 is a free tool from the Microsoft Solution Accelerators team that enables you to quickly configure and manage your desktops, traditional datacenter, and private cloud using Group Policy and Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager.


SCM 2 provides ready-to-deploy policies and DCM configuration packs that are tested and fully supported. Our product baselines are based on Microsoft Security Guide recommendations and industry best practices, allowing you to manage configuration drift, address compliance requirements, and reduce security threats.

You can easily configure Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office applications, including Internet Explorer 9 with industry leading knowledge and fully supported tools.

Now with SCM2, you can import the configuration of a “golden master” reference machine or existing Group Policy. Compare your standards to industry best practices, customize them using rich knowledge, and seamlessly create new policies and DCM configuration packs in the user-friendly UI designed to work with System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2.

Key Features of SCM 2 Include:

  • Gold master support: Import and take advantage of your existing Group Policy or create a snapshot of a reference machine to kick-start your project.
  • Configure stand-alone machines: Deploy your configurations to non-domain joined computers using the new GPO Pack feature.
  • Updated security guides: Take advantage of the deep security expertise and best practices in the updated security guides, and the attack surface reference workbooks to help reduce the security risks that you consider to be the most important.
  • Compare against industry best practices: Analyze your configurations against prebuilt baselines for the latest Windows client and server operating systems.

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