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Planning To Join Us At The MMS Conference In Las Vegas?

If you are planning to join us at the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) April 8th – 12th, in Las Vegas, here are some of the Windows and MDOP sessions you may want to check out:

DC-B318 What’s New in Windows 8 Deployment– Now that Windows 8 is generally available, it is important for enterprises to begin integrating it into their plans. In this session, we will dig into the technical aspects of Windows 8 deployment projects, including: changes in the tools, technologies, and processes used for deploying.

DC-B319 Windows RT in the Enterprise– In this session, you will learn about appropriate and inappropriate scenarios for using Windows RT in enterprise environments: challenges to overcome, as well as known issues and limitations.

DC-B302 Demonstrations of Assessment and Deployment Kit Tools – With the release of Windows 8, a new and updated set of tools has been released. This session will provide an overview of all the tools in the Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK), paying close attention to the changes and enhancements in existing tools, as well as new tools added in this version.

DC-B305 Application Compatibility for Windows 8 – Are you considering the potential impact of a migration to Windows 8 for some or all of your devices? The #1 blocker of deployments has historically been App Compat. In this session you will learn the strategy and technology successful deployments have used, and how to incorporate them into a sensible, risk–managed deployment that invests appropriately in applications.

DC-B320 Windows Store Apps: Enterprise LOB App Deployment Scenarios – Using WinRT APIs and design principles, Windows 8 and Windows RT are introducing a new type of application. Enterprises are being encouraged to create these, as well as consume third party apps. This sesson will review the technical requirements, how sideloading is perfomed, challenges that may be encountered in this process.

UD-B310 Deploying and Managing Windows 8 with Configuration Manager 2012 SP1– Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 supports the management of Windows 8. In this session we will provide a deep technical overview of the capabilities in SP1 that support deploying and managing Windows 8 features. This includes, but is not limited to: enhancements in Operating System Deployment, such as support for Windows To Go, changes to Application Management to support new Windows 8 applications, and changes to the Configuration Manager client to effectively manage Always-on Always-Connected capable Windows 8 devices.

DC-B321 Making PC Recovery Easier with the Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset – It’s a common situation: a user deletes a file off their laptop and realizes they need it back, or a PC that blue screens on boot and the user needs it working ASAP. This session will show you how the Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT) can be used to help solve these problems and many more while helping accelerate desktop repair onsite and remotely.

DC-B310 Develop a Successful Flexible Desktop Strategy in Today’s Digital Era – New desktop technologies such as BYOD, VDI, Slates, Consumerization, among other pressures are causing many IT environments to consider re-architecting their desktop infrastructure. In this session you will see predictions, market trends, and then proceed to separate myths from facts by proposing a mobile workspace strategy that focuses on meeting your users’ desktop requirements based on roles / personas, and enabling technologies rather than implying that one technology solution would fit all.

DC-B312 What’s New with Windows 8 Bitlocker and Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Management 2.0 – In this session, you will learn about the top new features in Windows 8 Bitlocker and how Bitlocker Administration and Management 2.0 will enhance the management of Bitlocker drive encryption on Windows 7 and 8 PCs with new capabilities, such as: System Center Configuration Manager integration, Self–Service Portal, and more.

DC-B317 Deploying Windows To Go in the Real World – Windows To Go is a new and very useful feature in Windows 8, and creating a Windows To Go drive is pretty straight forward. In this session you learn how to make the needed customizations for the enterprise network, so when the end user plugs the device into a computer, it will be domain joined, customized to fit the organization and include all applications

Also, make sure you swing by the Desktop Virtualization and MDOP booths with your questions and the Windows booth to see the latest Enterprise ready devices.

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