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April 29, 2015

Introducing Microsoft Edge, the browser built for Windows 10

This morning, Joe Belfiore took to the stage at Build 2015 to share more about the next chapter in our story for Windows 10, including revealing more about “Project Spartan,” our new default browser for Windows.

We’re excited to share Joe’s announcement that Project Spartan’s official name is Microsoft Edge. You’ll see this name coming in future Insider Preview builds of Windows 10, and coming to our web developer resources very soon.

As part of our focus on innovating to make the Web more productive than ever, we’re introducing an all-new New Tab Page and brand new web-based extension model for Microsoft Edge – you can learn more about these in Terry’s post, “Welcoming Developers to Windows 10,” on the Windows Blog.

Modern.IE and the IEBlog

Microsoft Edge is the future of our browser strategy, and accordingly we’ll be archiving the IEBlog starting this week as we refresh our Web properties with the new brand. Tune in to the Microsoft Edge Web Summit for more!

Microsoft Edge Web Summit

We’ll have lots more to say about Microsoft Edge at our first-ever Microsoft Edge Web Summit in Mountain View next week on May 5th and 6th, 2015! The team behind Microsoft Edge will be presenting the latest updates to our roadmap, the EdgeHTML rendering engine, and the Chakra JavaScript engine; and a fantastic lineup of guest speakers will share their expertise on modern web technologies like ES6, SVG, WebGL and WebAudio. We just added additional capacity, so be sure to register for free today or tune in to the live stream on Channel 9 to catch all the updates, starting at 10:00AM PDT on May 5th.

Microsoft Ignite

Also next week is our Microsoft Ignite enterprise and IT conference in Chicago, IL from May 4th – 6th, 2015. With 6 talks, 3 Expo sessions, Office Hours, a reduction workshop, and a booth on the expo floor, there will be no shortage of opportunity to engage with the Enterprise Browsing team. You will be to find out more about Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer in Windows 10, including management of both browsers and tips, tricks, and guidance on upgrading to Internet Explorer 11. You can tune into Ignite live at starting at 9:00AM CDT on May 4th.

See you next week!

Kyle Pflug, Program Manager, Microsoft Edge