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June 18, 2015

New Microsoft Edge Test Drive web demos go open-source

We first launched the Internet Explorer Test Drive site in 2010 during the Internet Explorer 9 Preview and regularly added demos through IE10 and IE11 development as a way to help web developers get hands-on with new features and performance improvements that were being added to the browser. Test Drive also exhibited polished end-to-end experiences showing the best of what the modern web is capable of with showcase sites like Atari Arcade, CyArk, 22Tracks, and Assassin’s Creed Pirates.

Screenshot of the Internet Explorer 9 Test Drive site
Internet Explorer 9 Test Drive circa 2010

As we rapidly approach the July 29th release of Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge, we wanted to get in the spirit of “a break from the past” by launching a new Test Drive as part of the new Microsoft Edge Developer Site.

Screenshot of the new Microsoft Edge Test Drive Sites and Demos
The new Microsoft Edge Test Drive Sites and Demos

A core focus of Microsoft Edge is delivering greater interoperability across browsers, so the web just works for users on any device and on any platform. The new Test Drive supports this goal by providing web developers with feature demos that demonstrate how to build interoperable code based on new web platform features. To make this process as easy as possible, we are excited to open-source all our feature demos on GitHub, so anyone can learn and reuse this code in any website (or contribute fixes!).

The new Test Drive site has a few of the most popular demos migrated from the old site (such as Touch Effects and Mandlebrot) but also introduces a number of new demos:

  • CSS3 Filters: Learn the different types of filters and even how to animate them using @keyframes
  • Music Lounge: Create your own composition using Web Audio and touch input, using BabylonJS
  • Web Audio tuner: Chromatic tuner built using Web Audio API and Media Capture API
  • Math APIs: Bypass the limits of number precision in JavaScript with the new precision API
  • PhotoCapture: Learn how to select cameras and take pictures with the browser using the Media Capture API
  • Microphone: Record, play, save and load streaming audio acquired using Media Capture API; then apply Web Audio visualizations, effects, and filters to stream data
  • @Supports: Test whether certain CSS properties and values are supported

The site also features links to a number of showcase sites that we have collaborated with partners to build, including Flight Arcade and the recently announced Dolby Audio Experience.

This is just the beginning – in the next few months you can expect to see more demos lighting up on Test Drive as we add new features to Microsoft Edge, so be sure to check the website often or star the project to be notified on GitHub.

If you are curious about the demos or interested in contributing, please reach out to us on GitHub or Twitter.