March 17, 2016 4:02 pm

Microsoft Edge extensions now available to preview

Today, we’re happy to announce that the first set of extensions for Microsoft Edge are now available to preview via the Windows Insider Program. You can try out extensions starting in build 14291, which was released today to the Fast ring. Visit our new extensions page at Microsoft Edge Dev to learn more and try it out for yourself!

In keeping with our commitment to an interoperable web, we’re participating in the W3C Browser Extension Community Group’s efforts to define standardized extension APIs based on familiar web technologies. Today, we’re previewing our first step towards that goal.

This release supports a selection of preview extensions that have been validated by our team to work with the current set of supported APIs. Some planned APIs are not yet supported, but will be coming in future previews. We’ll share additional examples of extensions with future releases.

Loading extensions in Microsoft Edge

When we ship extensions to the public later this year, extensions will be available through the Windows Store, providing users a simple and secure discovery and installation experience. In this preview, extensions need to be sideloaded manually.

You can download the first preview extensions at our extensions page on Microsoft Edge Dev. We currently support the Reddit Enhancement Suite, Microsoft Translator, and Mouse Gestures extensions, with more on the way!

Screen capture showing Extensions interface in Microsoft Edge

Sharing feedback

At this time, we’re focused on collecting feedback on the supported extensions and finding bugs in our extension APIs. We’re continuing to work with a group of co-development partners on the first extensions that will be available in the Windows Store later this year. We’ll share more details on our extension APIs and the path to the Store at Build 2016 and Microsoft Edge Web Summit, and we look forward to sharing more then.

If you encounter any issue with these extensions, you can share it with the Microsoft Edge team via the Windows Feedback app in Windows 10. Try it out and let us know what you think!

– Chee Chen Tong, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Edge
– Mike Pietraszak, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Edge

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  1. Install procedure is not quite user friendly as other competitors…
    Can we expect an “Extension Store” soon?

    Also, when the #1 requested extension “ABP” will be available?

    • Hi Luca – Extensions will install via the Windows Store in the future, sideloading is only for developer scenarios and the first stages of the Insider preview.

      • Sorry, I missed that paragraph… I hate when people don’t read the post and ask questions 😐
        Anyway, is that true that these extensions will be compatible with the ones developed for Chrome?
        If I want to start developing for Edge, it would be a good time investment to start my code based on Chrome API and then adjust later for Edge?

        • Edge extensions and Chrome extensions have a lot in common. We’re working on a tool to make it easy to port from Chrome and we’re working with the W3C Browser Extension Community Group in the hop that this can be standardized in the future. For now, an existing Chrome extension is a great place to start!

    • We’re working with AdBlock Plus and expect to add their extension to the preview soon – no ETA to share yet.

  2. Is there information on how developers can write these extensions and what language they are written in? e.g. can we presume they are written in JavaScript or similar vs. ActiveX/COM?

    • If support C#+XAML to write extensions would be great! I think Microsoft could make a compiler to convert C# code to JavaScript and XAML to HTML5.

    • They’re following Chrome (and more recently Firefox)’s lead on using web technology to build extensions. See:

      >W3C Browser Extension Community Group’s efforts to define standardized extension APIs based on familiar web technologies

      There doesn’t appear to be any resources on *creating* them though, so I’m also very curious about that. The post seems to suggest we’ll hear more about that at build, and they’re just working with certain partners atm.

    • We don’t have development documentation available just yet, but will have more to share starting at Build 2016.

    • We don’t have development documentation available just yet, but will have more to share starting at Build 2016.

  3. Using Windows 10 build 14279.rs1_release.160220-1700.
    Followed instructions as per:
    Steps 1) and 2) worked BUT,
    Steps 3) doesn’t make sense as after having selected “run” from the download notification a CMD box opened up, which opened a text file containing the instructions on how to install extensions, then the CMD box closed. There was NO option to select “More (…)” and then “Extensions.”
    # Topic 1: Adding an extension to preview builds of Microsoft Edge

    1. Download an extension from
    2. Select “Run” from the downloads notification.
    3. Select “More (…)” and then “Extensions”.
    4. Select “Load extension”, choose the extension folder, then select “Select folder”.

    • Hi Tom, you’ll need to update to Windows 10 build 14291 or newer to see the Extensions option.

      • Thanks Kyle,

        Just realized that I needed Build 14291 after I posted.
        However, I have upgrade to 14291, but the same thing happens. I click “run” from the download notification, a CMD box opens up, which then opens a text file containing the instructions on how to install extensions, then the CMD box closed. There was NO option to select “More (…)” and then “Extensions.”

        There is a dialogue box behind the CMD box that quickly does something but closes before I can see it.

        Tried both the Translator & Mouse Gestures extension to no avail.

        I’ve even went into the download area and opened the extensions hoping there was an “install” file in there. Only scripts that won’t install.

        • Okay got it to work. BUT the instructions are incorrect/ambiguous. To install extensions:
          1. Download an extension from (Correct)
          2. Select “Run” from the downloads notification. (Correct)
          3. Select “More (…)” and then “Extensions”. (Incorrect/misleading and ambiguous!) SHOULD SAY:
          3. Open MS Edge, click on “…” in the menu bar (top right), a drop down menu appears and the third item from the bottom is “Extensions.” Click on “Extensions.”
          4. Select “Load extension”, choose the extension folder, then select “Select folder”.
          It is very frustrating when computer instructions are written half-assed. Come on, write them like your great-grandmother NEEDS to follow the instructions.

  4. I’ve just tested the Mouse Gestured extension and I have to ask, why it uses completely different gestures than standard gestures in Opera or crxMouse addon in Chrome?
    Closing should be: Down, Right
    Reopening: Left, Up
    Reload page: Up, Down
    New tab: Down, etc.

    • Martin, you can customize the gestures by clicking on the Mouse Gestures icon in the “More” (…) menu. Our gestures are similar to those used by popular browsers in the Chinese market.

  5. How do you write local resource urls?
    The most intuitive way would be to write something like this:
    background: #fff url(‘/{local path}/{file}’) fixed top center !important;
    Or this:
    background: #fff url(‘local://{local path}/{file}’) fixed top center !important;

    However, Chromes way is this:
    background: #fff url(‘chrome-extension://__MSG_@@extension_id__/{local path}/{file}|) fixed top center !important;
    (doesn’t work)

    This one doesn’t seem to work either:
    background: #fff url(‘edge-extension://__MSG_@@extension_id__/{local path}/{file}|) fixed top center !important;

    • Ok. I remembered that you can do a workaround for my case with trusted base64:


  6. Hey, I like the idea that Edge extensions will be available on the Windows Store. That works out great. May I ask if this similar functionality might also be applied to UWP games in the future, like in mods for them? I know Microsoft owns Minecraft, which is famous for its mod ecosystem. Is that being worked on in any form or fashion? I read an article on PC Gamer that was questioning UWP’s viability based off its ability to install mods and be available off the Windows Store. It’s OK if you can’t divulge that information! I’m just disappointed that on launch Edge was basically incomplete. There are some things keeping me from using it right now. Extensions is one, and the incomplete UI experience is another.

  7. Hi! It seems I cannot extract the extension on a 32bit system. Worked fine on my other 64bit system. As soon as I open the .exe, a CMD quickly opens and closes. I managed to capture a screenshot of the contents after few tries.

    It says:
    ERROR: The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value.

    I’ve tried running it in Admin mode, but it said the same thing.

  8. will you open sidebar surface for extensions?
    if not, pls consider this possibility

  9. Where is the guide of extention creating Google have a nice guide for Chrome have search and search and find no way how to build extention, have tones of extention for Chrome and Firefox etc i thinking to port to Edge, even if am dont relly belive in Edge will take any market share becouse is a broswer some dont bring tab, and password and bookmarks sync accross people devices.

    No clu if its just a basic XML/JSON and html and javascript like Chrome and Firefox run with.

  10. How do man write exempel this code for match Edge broswer

    background = chrome.extension.getBackgroundPage

    have try with

    background = browser.extension.getBackgroundPage for edge but is dosent look like is can handling my Backgroundpage into div trying to port some Chrome Extention to Edge.

  11. I tried to load and use Last Pass. It does not work. Microsoft EDGE is Useless for me because I use RoboForm with over 200 Passwords. I have been using Windows 10 for over a year. (Yes I use the Insider Preview). Every so often I try Edge and so far I find it to be a waist of time.

  12. Hi,
    re Extensions- Microsoft Edege team – you are so dissapointing. Amazing job on the browser but Edge has been around for more than a year. To use a browser professionaly and not just for skimming feeds and facebooking we need extensions…No ETA, nothing, just promises for a year with no end in sight. And no, I don’t need a reddit browser extension..thanks.

  13. Are there any plans to add extensions support to mobile version of Edge? At the moment, only desktop one supports them, while the mobile one is horribly behind. It can’t even block pop-ups, doesn’t have a favourites bar, and it’s impossible to turn off swiping left-right for back-forward. These are core fundamentals, and mobile Edge fails to deliver.

  14. Are these extensions safe or are they similar to the Firefox and Chrome extensions?

    We know that Firefox & Chrome extensions are not safe and have extreme permission (giveaway) to do what ever it want with the user PRIVATE information. Yes they might play by the rules but an extension developer might decide to alter the codes to collect or do some bad stuff in his next extension update.

    Will Edge be the same or will it restrict the authority, power and control extensions have.

    And what are the measures it takes in protecting the users from these extensions.