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April 6, 2016

Introducing the Microsoft Edge Platform Issue Tracker

The biggest input into our roadmap for the EdgeHTML web platform is developer feedback. Your ideas and votes on User Voice, questions on Stack Overflow, tweets on Twitter, and other comments and suggestions are constantly monitored by our team to drive ongoing adjustment to our plans.

On Monday at the Edge Web Summit, we were pleased to announce our latest way for developers to provide crucial feedback and communicate openly with our team – the Microsoft Edge Platform Issue Tracker at

Screen capture showing Platform Issues on Microsoft Edge Dev with search box to find bugs or open a new bug, and a list of bugs.
Platform Issues on Microsoft Edge Dev

We receive tens of thousands of pieces of feedback daily through the Feedback Hub in Windows 10. You can reach the Feedback Hub through the “…” (‘More’) menu in Edge, under “Send Feedback. This feedback helps us identify broken sites and shapes our browser user experience through changes like the recent addition of history context menus for the back and forward buttons, pinned tabs, extensions, and more.  But web developers, browser engineers, and standards contributors also need a way to collaborate on technical platform issues, such as interoperability differences or standards incompliance.

The EdgeHTML issue tracker is designed for the web platform, with tracking for interoperability, standards impact, site outreach, and support for code snippets and markdown in repro steps. Over time, we’ll be adding more features to the tracker to make it even better for openly communicating and addressing your feedback.

This tool will replace going forward, and we have migrated open bugs from Connect to the new system. Bugs against the Chakra JavaScript engine are best directed to the ChakraCore repository on GitHub.

We built Platform Issues to address feedback that it was difficult to report issues to our team. We’re also taking steps to increase the level of communication you receive from our engineering team when reporting issues and we’ll be watching for your feedback on the new site itself. We look forward to hearing your feedback and, most of all, fixing bugs to make the web work great for you and your customers!

If you have any feedback on Platform Issues, we’d love to hear it – we’re always listening @MSEdgeDev on Twitter.

Anton Molleda and Jacob Rossi, Microsoft Edge