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February 20, 2020

Simplifying Microsoft Edge configuration profiles for Jamf Pro

With our Microsoft Edge Beta Channel 81 release, we’re excited to announce preview support for Jamf Pro’s 10.19 changes to the Application & Custom Settings menu. This feature lets IT Admins paste a custom JSON policy manifest for creating configuration profiles directly in Jamf Pro instead of composing and uploading a plist file.

To learn about this feature from Jamf, read more about it at

What is Jamf Pro’s Application & Custom Settings menu?

Before Jamf Pro 10.18, managing Office 365 involved manually building a .plist file. This was a time-consuming workflow that required a strong technical background. Jamf Pro 10.18 eliminated those barriers by streamlining the configuration process. However, IT Admins could only use this new user interface for specific applications and preference domains specified by Jamf.

In Jamf Pro 10.19, an admin can upload a JSON manifest as a “custom schema” to target any preference domain, and the graphical user interface will be generated from this manifest. The custom schema that’s created follows the JSON Schema specification.

Why are we supporting this feature?

We’re committed to giving customers the optimal experience for managing Microsoft Edge. Supporting the update to Jamf Pro’s Application & Custom Settings menu removes the manual plist operation. This means that our users will get the most streamlined and error free experience for managing Microsoft Edge in Jamf Pro.

How to get the policy manifest for a specific version of Microsoft Edge

To get the policy manifest:

  • Go to the Microsoft Edge Enterprise landing page.
  • On the CHANNEL/BUILD dropdown list, select Beta 81.*.
  • On the PLATFORM dropdown list, select macOS 64 bit.
  • Click GET POLICY FILES to download our policy templates bundle. (Note: Currently, the policy templates bundle is signed as a CAB file. You’ll need to use a 3rd party tool, such as The Unarchiver, to open the file on macOS.)

After you unpack the CAB file, navigate to the “mac” top level directory. The manifest, which is named “policy_manifest.json”, is in the “mac” directory.

This manifest will be published in every policy bundle starting with 81.0.416.3. If you want to test policies in the Dev channel, you can take the manifest associated with each Dev release and test it in Jamf Pro.

You can learn more about using the policy manifest in Jamf Pro in our documentation here.

Share your feedback

We’d love to get your feedback about using our manifest with Jamf Pro. The best places to contact us is on our Enterprise community forum, on Twitter at @MSEdgeDev, or come to our #microsoft-edge channel in the MacAdmins community.

At the same time, our manifest is in preview, we recognize that this feature is new for Jamf as well. If you have feedback or problems that you’d like to communicate to Jamf, you can email [email protected], or contact your account support specialist.

– Gray Houston, Software Engineer, Microsoft Edge