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October 15, 2020

ICYMI – Recapping Microsoft Edge at Ignite 2020

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness month (NCSAM) and it couldn’t be more timely. Vulnerability to online threats is literally top of mind for everybody. In a recent study, 90% of respondents (yes, you read that right) indicated that phishing attacks have impacted their organizations! It’s no wonder then that they are now planning to have data & information security and anti-phishing tools as part of their top 5 cybersecurity investments. With employees logging in on home networks, public networks, and every network in between, the browser—the gateway to the Internet—needs to be part of an organization’s cybersecurity approach.

So, is there a browser that can address those cybersecurity needs?

A few weeks ago at Ignite, we gave a definitive answer – Microsoft Edge.

It’s simple: Microsoft Edge is more secure than Google Chrome for businesses on Windows 10. Why? Built in, Microsoft Edge offers the highest-rated protection against phishing and malware with SmartScreen—it’s an easy win that addresses a top security concern. It’s also the only browser to natively support hardware isolation on Windows 10, designed to contain malware breaches in a defense-in-depth approach. And to help protect company data in a work-from-home era, Microsoft Edge simply and seamlessly supports Microsoft 365 security features, like the new Microsoft Endpoint Data Loss Prevention, to help protect against data misuse and strengthen an organization’s data security and compliance. Read more at

In case you missed it, we talked security and so much more at Ignite. Below you’ll find some of our “can’t miss” talks with the Microsoft Edge team and other ways to explore how Microsoft Edge can help you.

Colleen’s State of the Browser 2020 offers an overview of the team’s approach to Microsoft Edge and is a perfect place to start:

With 90% of respondents having been impacted by phishing, protection against these threats is a baseline requirement. Watch Eva break down how SmartScreen protects against phishing and malware:

If you’re one of the many IT professionals adapting to remote work and BYOD scenarios, hear how app configuration through Intune for Microsoft Edge can give you more flexibility and control in managing your endpoints:

Finally, Brad Anderson (yes, the Brad Anderson) discusses why Microsoft Edge is a critical component in any organization’s move towards modernization. You can also read more of Brad’s thoughts on Microsoft Edge here.

One of the biggest benefits of an all-digital Ignite is… all-digital content! So pull up your computer chair, grab your favorite snack, and check out all of the Edge content in one convenient location on our YouTube channel (and don’t forget to subscribe to be notified when additional video snacks are available)! We hope that by exploring this content, you’re able to bring fresh ideas and new executions to your organization to navigate these challenging times.

Thank you again for joining us online for this year’s Ignite!

– Eric Van Aelstyn, Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Edge