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Microsoft Edge Legacy desktop application support ends today

Written By published March 9, 2021

Our new modern browser, Microsoft Edge, debuted over a year ago and today can be found on hundreds of millions of devices. Last August, we announced that Microsoft Edge Legacy desktop application support would end on March 9, 2021 as part of this transition to the new Microsoft Edge. Today, Microsoft Edge Legacy desktop application support officially ends, and it will no longer receive future security updates.

Additionally, we announced that the now out-of-support Microsoft Edge Legacy desktop application will be removed and replaced with the new Microsoft Edge when customers apply April’s Windows 10 cumulative monthly security update (or “B” release). For more details and an FAQ, please see our announcement blog post.

For customers using kiosk mode in Microsoft Edge Legacy, please refer to this blog post for important details.

How can I get help transitioning to the new Microsoft Edge?

If you’re looking for help transitioning to the new Microsoft Edge, FastTrack can help with deployment and configuration guidance at no additional charge for customers with eligible Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

For help with web app and site compatibility as you transition, especially if you have legacy site concerns, learn more about the App Assure program. You can contact App Assure at no additional cost for remediation support or by email if you experience any challenges submitting your request ([email protected]). Watch the video above for more information on App Assure.

And if you’d like to deploy Microsoft Edge yourself, you can download the latest package by visiting our website.

We appreciate and thank all our customers who have supported us with Microsoft Edge Legacy over the past five years. With the new Microsoft Edge, we’re excited to partner with customers to redefine the modern browser for business.