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Edge is faster than ever before on Macs with M2

Written By published February 2, 2024

The performance at which Microsoft Edge renders webpages has always been a top priority for us. Recently, we have enabled Profile-Guided Optimizations (PGO) for Macs with M2, which has shown up to 20% improvements in key browser benchmarks. PGO is a compiler optimization technique that uses profiling to improve program runtime performance.

We’re also excited to announce that our Speedometer score is now over 500 on Macs with M2 (our tests were run on a Mac Mini with M2).

Chart showing that Edge's Speedometer score was below 450 before PGO, and is above 500 after PGO.

Other browser benchmarks also show improvements:

Chart showing that Edge's MotionMark score was around 4000 before PGO, and is around 5000 after PGO.
Chart showing that Edge's JetStream score was around 310 before PGO, and is around 350 after PGO.

Many browsers use these benchmarking tools to measure how well they perform at running tasks that correlate to real-world user experiences.

  • Speedometer 2.1 determines the responsiveness of a browser, so it’s a good benchmark to use for overall website performance.
  • MotionMark 1.2 is a graphical browser test suite that measures the rendering performance of complex webpages that have lots of graphics & animations, such as Excel Online.
  • And JetStream measures how quickly browsers can start & run code. It’s a good measure for how responsive the browser is on code-intensive sites.

We’d love for you to try Microsoft Edge on your Mac with M2 and let us know what you think! Are you getting over 500 at Speedometer on your device?

Tell us about your experience by using the feedback tool in Microsoft Edge: click Settings and more () > Help and feedback > Send feedback.