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Illustration of a character dressed as User Input, with mouse pointers for earrings, skipping the UI Thread line in a separate "VIP" line.
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Improving input responsiveness in Microsoft Edge

By Nolan Lawson, Todd Reifsteck and Rachel Nabors

As the web becomes more interactive, web pages are becoming increasingly reliant on JavaScript for core functionality, such as input, rendering, layout, and As more and more of this core functionality moves to the client side, it becomes imperative for… Read more

Mobile, PC, Tablet

Scrolling on the web: A primer

By Nolan Lawson

Scrolling is one of the oldest interactions on the Long before we had pull-to-refresh or infinite-loading lists, the humble scrollbar solved the web’s original scaling problem: how can we interact with content that’s stretched beyond the available viewport? Animations by… Read more