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Previewing WebAssembly experiments in Microsoft Edge

By Limin Zhu

Last June, we announced the start of our journey towards implementing WebAssembly - a new, portable, size and load-time-efficient binary format suitable for compiling to the WebAssembly is a continuation of our previous efforts to support to bring a fast… Read more

Screen capture showing the ChakraCore GitHub repository open in Microsoft Edge
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ChakraCore GitHub repository is now open

By Gaurav Seth

In a December 2015 talk at JSConf US, we announced that we would be open-sourcing the key components of the Chakra JavaScript engine that powers Microsoft Today, we are excited to share with you that we’ve just made the sources… Read more

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Supercharging JavaScript performance with asm.js

By Limin Zhu

In June we introduced preview support for , which is now supported by default in Microsoft Edge starting with Microsoft EdgeHTML With this change, Hosted Web Applications and the WebView in any Universal Windows Application can now benefit from asm-optimized… Read more

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Using Chakra for Scripting Applications across Windows 10

By Microsoft Edge Team

In Windows 10, the Chakra JavaScript engine powers Microsoft Edge and Windows applications written in However with JavaScript’s increasing popularity in beyond-the-browser scenarios, developers have been requesting to host the Chakra engine outside the browser to enable JavaScript programmability in… Read more