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Screen capture showing Fluent Design in Microsoft Edge. The use of materials like Acrylic allows elements of the background to influence the color and texture of the browser frame.
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Microsoft Edge at Build 2017

By Kyle Pflug

Last week, Microsoft welcomed thousands of developers from around the world to Build 2017, where we shared our vision for the future of dozens of products and Build featured a number of exciting sessions for developers building sites and apps… Read more

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Next-generation web apps for education

By Jeff Burtoft

Just a short time ago, the new Microsoft Intune for Education was announced for teachers and technologists to manage devices, accounts, and apps for Since that time, we’ve heard from a number of developers and app publishers who work in… Read more

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The Progress of Web Apps

By Microsoft Edge Team

Editor's Note - this post was originally posted on Medium and has been updated to reflect the latest Let’s talk about the progress of web No, that’s not an autocorrect mistake from “progressive web apps” — let's take a look at how the web… Read more

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Fetch (or the undeniable limitations of XHR)

By Ali Alabbas

Starting in EdgeHTML 14, coming with this summer’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft Edge will support the highly anticipated Fetch This represents the first step in our planned journey to supporting Service Worker in a future You can preview the… Read more

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Web Notifications in Microsoft Edge

By Microsoft Edge Team

Starting with the most recent Windows Insider Preview release (build ), Web Notifications are enabled by default in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 PCs and This feature will be available to all Microsoft Edge customers in EdgeHTML 14, coming this summer… Read more