Mobile advertising evolves. Good, bad or indifferent?

By Microsoft Devices Team

CANNES, France - Until somewhat recently our mobiles have been hermitic little creatures untainted by advertising, both high impact or viral (other than your network's name being emblazoned somewhere across your menu screen of course). But with mobile Internet use… Read more

Popcorn, Lebanon, oh, and some Nokia phones

By Microsoft Devices Team

ESPOO, Finland - We, sort of, regularly scan a bunch of top news feeds related to Nokia and general mobile stuff (see 'Sites we follow' further down in the right column) and bookmark the more interesting items (see Our picks… Read more

Nokia’s software springboard in place

By Microsoft Devices Team

ESPOO, Finland - Way back in January news emerged of Nokia's plan to buy In mainstream terms it's a little known organization, but despite the lack of glitz this is a smart outfit equipped with world class cross-platform development software… Read more

N78 invades India

By Microsoft Devices Team

INDIA - Last week I mused about mobile attraction and what ignites the flame? This lead to a mini epiphany that it could simply be the charming idiosyncracies of a device such as the smart FM Transmitter in the N78… Read more

E71 and E66 launch: round up

By Microsoft Devices Team

LONDON, England - Engadget's reaction to the introduction of the new E71 was simply "one of the thinnest phones we've ever seen exit the doors of the Finnish giant". Whilst Cnet said both the E66 and E77 "bring with them… Read more

Video: Talking design with E71 and E66 creators

By Microsoft Devices Team

LONDON, England - Eseries devices have undergone a serious design evolution since the introduction of the E51 and E65, a pair of phones that in essence acted as springboards for the bolder steel-clad designs embodied in the new E66 and… Read more

Webby webby woo woo

By Microsoft Devices Team

GLOBAL - We're not normally ones to blow our own trumpet but given that it isn't entirely our trumpet to blow, we thought it'd be See, last week a Nokia online ad campaign bagged top slot in the prestigious Webby… Read more

A Comprehensive Look at the HP MediaSmart Connect


Last week I had blogged about upcoming webinars from HP and Microsoft on the new Extender for Windows Media Center - the HP MediaSmart Connect (you can register to attend those webinars here). Today I'd like to take a more… Read more