The people behind the products

By Microsoft Devices Team

USA - The latest issue of Fortune Magazine packs a brilliant story (we can modestly declare) of the team behind the N810 Internet Exploring the team behind a product is always kind of interesting, but the one thing that stands… Read more

Looking for the Logo: Update on Certified for Windows Vista

By Brandon LeBlanc

I caught up with Deryl McCartney, Marketing Manager for the Windows Vista Logo Program, to get a general update on Certified for Windows Vista products as of Just to re-cap: Certified for Windows Vista products are products that carry the… Read more

Nokia Trends Lab hits Brussels

By Microsoft Devices Team

BRUSSELS, Belgium - If you're a creative type and find yourself around Brussels tomorrow evening then you should get yourself along to the Nokia Trends With Belgium's hottest mixing DJ-duos, Shameboy, on the decks it promises to be a top… Read more

N-Gage teams up with TV femme fatales

By Microsoft Devices Team

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - Yesterday we brought you news of a fresh avenue that's emerged to equip and encourage developers to create online community based gaming away from the N-Gage Thing is, N-Gage has to set the benchmark here for mobile… Read more

Global or local?

By Microsoft Devices Team

AMMAN, Jordan - Experts predict global mobile phone sales to hit 4 billion by 2010, up from 3 billion With a quarter of those new connections coming from the Middle East, it's no surprise to hear about Nokia's new office… Read more

Pangea Day finalists announced

By Microsoft Devices Team

NEW YORK, USA - My Dad used to always say "it's not the winning, it's the taking part that count". Yeah right, try telling that to Pier Bardoni, Eduardo Cachucho, Rupert Howe, Bob Calabritto and Kayoom They're the five finalists… Read more

Exploring community gaming horizons beyond N-Gage

By Microsoft Devices Team

SAN FRANCISCO, USA - It's all to easy to get swept up in technical details of upcoming devices and services, and forget the important stuff, like why it matters or how it's really going to truly add an extra sprinkling… Read more

Pangea Day – This Saturday [UPDATE]

By Microsoft Devices Team

INTERNATIONAL - This coming Saturday (May 10) will see the first ever Pangea Thousands of people around the world will unite and get involved in a global festival of Over four hours, 24 Pangea Day short films will be broadcast… Read more

Is Comes with Music a losing proposition for Nokia?

By Microsoft Devices Team

Yeah, that title sure has a And controversy So when there is an inkling of an alternate story that has more bite, journalists seem to usually go for the But the alternate story can be just plain wrong, no matter… Read more