Bike Week, guided by Nokia

By Microsoft Devices Team

UK - Bike Week, guided by Nokia, kicks off tomorrow with a range of events happening all over the For the first time, Nokia is proud sponsor of the week and the Nokia Pavilion will be appearing at a range… Read more

Exploring the Linux learning curve

By Microsoft Devices Team

BERLIN, Germany - Mentioning Nokia and Linux in the same breath has been somewhat taboo Especially since the merest utterance has previously led to false speculations on Nokia's future mobile platform focus, which clearly remains Symbian, although Linux and open-source… Read more

WidSets update shouts about being social

By Microsoft Devices Team

INTERNATIONAL - If you're new to Widsets, the concept is dead Basically WidSets is a smart little mobile app that lives on your phone, and goes about distilling your favourite sites and web content in the form of visual bite-size… Read more

Touchscreen will be for everyone

By Microsoft Devices Team

ESPOO, Finland - It's no secret that Nokia's working on touchscreen Having done the N800 and N810, there are more in the Now, as much as we'd like to tell you when new models will be making an appearance, we… Read more

Sharing just got better

By Microsoft Devices Team

GLOBAL - The folks over at Share on Ovi have just released a couple of new features for the service which look pretty The new features are focussed on how you view your media on Share on Ovi and have… Read more

S60 application affectations laid bare

By Microsoft Devices Team

INTERNATIONAL - Back in April the team over on the See Into S60 blog launched a video contest, dubbed Show your S60 The idea? Simply to find the best stories for why many of us love certain S60 apps,  and… Read more

Creating with the next generation

By Microsoft Devices Team

CANNES, France - What would happen if you gave a bunch of advertising young guns from all around the world some Nseries devices and a brief to create 60-second viral videos? Well, we're about to find out because that's what… Read more

Nokia becomes India’s most trusted brand

By Microsoft Devices Team

MUMBAI, India - For years Nokia has been a presence in the collective consciousness of the Indian people, having helped establish India as one of the most exciting mobile technology regions on the The recent emergence of sharable handsets such… Read more

Upcoming Webinars on the new HP MediaSmart Connect

By Brandon LeBlanc

This summer HP is launching a brand new Extender for Windows Media Center device - the HP MediaSmart The HP MediaSmart Connect will let you wirelessly stream your Windows Media Center experience including content such as Live TV, Recorded TV… Read more