N-Gage keen to shatter mobile gaming mould

By Microsoft Devices Team

LOS ANGELES, USA - In November of last year a new breed of mobile game was unveiled to be in development for N-Gage, dubbed Project White Promising a fresh angle on portable entertainment it will be the first game to… Read more

Nokia “wants to start sharing”

By Microsoft Devices Team

LONDON, England ‚Äì Nokia's customer base consists of one billion That's about one sixth of humanity, according to a story in The What better place to start when it comes to testing and evolving product concepts? Nokia already invests significant… Read more

Get Green and Stay Green with Windows Live OneCare

By Brandon LeBlanc

To help celebrate Patrick's Today - the Windows Live OneCare Team is kicking off a brand new campaign: Get Green Stay The Get Green Stay Green campaign is designed to make sure Windows Live OneCare users are staying "green" -… Read more

Greenfield appointed new Head of Design Direction

By Microsoft Devices Team

HELSINKI, Finland - This August will see a new Head of Design Direction joining Nokia as Adam Greenfield, author of Everyware: The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing takes up the post at Nokia Adam's remit will include the service and… Read more

GPS ‘Position Art’ – birth of a medium?

By Microsoft Devices Team

ROME, Italy - Championed by Nokia character Stavros, 'Position Art' sees you create line drawings by tracing your route via The World is my Canvas event, saw Stavros recently complete his 'opus' by exploring the streets of Rome and precisely… Read more

Morph concept comes to life

By Microsoft Devices Team

NEW YORK, USA - Unveiled last month, the Nokia Morph concept phone has ignited a fresh thread of interest in the possible applications of future Brainchild of the Nokia Research Center and Cambridge University Nanoscience Center, the Morph pursues visions… Read more

Nokia phone sharing begins in Kenya

By Microsoft Devices Team

KENYA, Africa - This week has seen the release of the Nokia 2600 Classic in A low-cost handset tailored to suit the common phone sharing way of life existent in many emerging markets including Africa, this device marks the beginning… Read more

Voice Breaker shakes Nokia Store Milan

By Microsoft Devices Team

MILAN, Italy - Last night saw the Nokia Store Milan swing its doors open for an evening of unabashed S60 The event was dedicated to showcasing upcoming S60 technologies, including the touch user interface, but the surprise star of the… Read more

Smartphone content trends unveiled

By Microsoft Devices Team

TEXAS, USA - Over the past year there's been a seismic shift in the way smartphones are According to a new report from Handango, the world's leading smartphone content provider, entertainment content has leapfrogged from third place into the top… Read more

Nokia Theatre L.A. steps up

By Microsoft Devices Team

LOS ANGELES, USA - In a deal that'll last for the next 10 years, Nokia Theatre Live has been named as the new venue for the annual Emmy Starting from this September, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences will… Read more