Silverlight 2.0 Beta 2 and Deep Zoom Composer Update

By Brandon LeBlanc

As announced earlier this week during the Tech•Ed 2008 Keynote - Silverlight Beta 2 has been Tech•Ed 2008 for Developers is taking place in Orlando this week with Tech•Ed 2008 for IT Professionals starting next Check out the Virtual Press… Read more

Eco conscious mobile gaming

By Microsoft Devices Team

NEW DELHI, India - An interesting new initiative has been launched using mobile gaming as a mouthpiece in helping educate gamers on issues of climate Dubbed Connect-2-Climate, this innovative program is a collaborative project between games developer ZMQ Software Systems… Read more

Halo, you’re my hero!

By Microsoft Devices Team

LONDON/ESPOO - So today we got our first chance to play with Halo, Nokia's new internal "tele-presence" It's designed so people spend less time traveling whilst still collaborating with those they should be collaborating If you follow It's a bit… Read more

Research on the “Internet of Things” officially begins

By Microsoft Devices Team

LAUSANNE, Switzerland - Today marks the launch of the new long-term research partnership between Nokia Research Center and the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology, with the lab doors officially opening in The focus of this major research collaboration is to… Read more

Help where it’s needed

By Microsoft Devices Team

GLOBAL - Devastation is about the only word we can think of to describe the recent earthquake in the Sichuan With a death toll now touching 70,000 people words can barely describe Nokia has been doing what it can to… Read more

Piecing together the mobile software puzzle

By Microsoft Devices Team

INTERNATIONAL - Yesterday we got excited about Pocket Express, yet another smart micro-app to join the mountain of online-enabled mobile software now This triggered a good question, "what is it that people want from the Internet on their phone?" Which… Read more

Add, divide and multiply

By Microsoft Devices Team

ESPOO, Finland - Would you be surprised to know the iPhone is a talking point within Nokia? Of course you wouldn' Now would you be surprised to hear the S60 calculator hasn't been touched (bar minor bug fixes) in almost… Read more

S60 summit roundup

By Microsoft Devices Team

BARCELONA, Spain - Developers landed in Barcelona last week for the annual S60 With plenty to share they were out in force showing off the latest innovations, looking into the future and doing a bit of networking (lubricated by some… Read more

News, sport and the weather

By Microsoft Devices Team

GLOBAL - Messing around at the weekend on the Nokia mobile site (okay, I was bored) I stumbled across what I thought was a great little Pocket Express packs a ton of useful info into a neat little app, offers… Read more