3110 Evolve goes public

By Microsoft Devices Team

LONDON, England - Our mates at have been playing with the all new Nokia 3110 Evolve - the first Nokia device to use As SmartPlanet editor Adam Vaughan describes it "a phone so green, it makes the Incredible Hulk look… Read more

DON’T talk to the hand – no need!

By Microsoft Devices Team

ESPOO, Finland - We're big fans of Tommy V here (he's the guy responsible for Nokia Beta Labs) and his latest suggestion is just spot on for where Nokia needs to He wants to turn blogging responsibilities over to the… Read more

Video: Up close with Beyond Green concept devices

By Microsoft Devices Team

LONDON, UK - Nokia's leading design minds are attempting to tear the traditional design rule book to shreds, in pursuit of a vision of total sustainability fused with effortless practicality and, of course, Rhys Newman and fellow leading designers, including… Read more

Changing for the better

By Microsoft Devices Team

USA - Recognising that one size doesn't always fit all, Nokia is embarking on a raft of changes in the USA which are designed specifically to better cater for customers Hopefully we might even see changes such as those suggested… Read more

Surrounded by brilliance

By Microsoft Devices Team

My mind is still bubbling with thoughts set off by the Nokia Design I've been talking with the folks behind the Homegrown projects and we're soon going to have some of them write some articles for us and contribute some… Read more

Let the music (store) play on

By Microsoft Devices Team

SINGAPORE CITY, Singapore - The Nokia Music Store opened its virtual doors to users in Asia yesterday with the official launch of the Singapore Nokia Music With millions of tracks on offer from both international and local artists, the store… Read more

Designing for sustainability

By Microsoft Devices Team

LONDON, England - Yesterday we caught up with Joeske Schellen, designer of the soon-to-be-launched N78 and she told us a pretty interesting story about how sustainability impacts her design decisions, and in some cases, even drives them to be Joeske… Read more

Origami Experience 2.0 Part 1: Web Browsing


In Part 1 of my 4 part series of blog posts looking at the Origami Experience software, I am going to talk about one of the most important new experiences in the new release: browsing the web directly in Origami… Read more