Windows Live OneCare 2.5 Now in Beta

By Brandon LeBlanc

As you may have read, the Beta release of Windows Live OneCare is now available on Microsoft Connect for folks to start I of course went ahead and installed Windows Live OneCare to give it a spin So what's new… Read more

Stood at the N-Gage start-line

By Microsoft Devices Team

INTERNATIONAL - With N-Gage now officially released into the wild, Nokia's newborn mobile gaming platform is gearing up for rapid Having already stepped outside the comfort zone of traditional handheld gaming, by offering a totally social networked gaming solution, signs… Read more

Boosting rural broadband

By Microsoft Devices Team

INTERNATIONAL - Getting broadband into remote rural locations is no easy Aside from the cost, the logistics can make solutions incredibly difficult to Now though, there's a solution that'll see 25,000 Indian villages get access to the Nokia Siemens Networks… Read more

Someone has noticed what we’re doing

By Microsoft Devices Team

San Francisco, USA - Excuse us banging our own drum for a second but, Ewan at SMS Text News gave Nokia kudos for our blogger outreach He's written an article about how different device manufacturers deal with bloggers, which in… Read more

Proud to talk about what we do

By Microsoft Devices Team

ESPOO, Finland - Woddy Allen said "if you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans". So it might have taken us longer than we'd have liked to get to here, but that hasn't stopped us from being… Read more

Personal navigation – the next generation

By Microsoft Devices Team

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - This summer the world of Navigation will descend on Amsterdam to outline the next generation of With navigation rapidly evolving from the car to the hand, the road ahead is paved with all manner of exciting new… Read more

Communicating with images

By Microsoft Devices Team

PALO ALTO, USA - In recent years user interfaces have become the pop stars of the consumer electronics Fact is, UI can define a product and elevate it to stardom, or destroy a device's credibility It goes without saying that… Read more

N-Gage has landed!

By Microsoft Devices Team

ESPOO, Finland - Without any fuss or fanfare, the long awaited second generation of N-Gage has been unleashed and set free into the And already it's become the talking-point of The new service which is available on selected handsets brings… Read more

Irish Nokia Music Store launches with a bang

By Microsoft Devices Team

DUBLIN, Ireland - To help celebrate the launch of the fourth Nokia Music Store in Ireland, Nokia is giving away 24,000 free music Worth from EUR1 to EUR10, the vouchers are available from and participants will also be entered into… Read more