Certified for Windows Vista Devices at DigitalLife 2007

By Brandon LeBlanc

At DigitalLife this year, the Certified for Windows Vista program celebrates its 1 year In 1 year, over 2,000 products from numerous vendors have received the Certified for Windows Vista Windows Marketing Manager (and Certified for Windows Vista guru) Ben… Read more

A look at the Windows DreamScene Content Pack Favorites

By Brandon LeBlanc

Earlier today, Nick and Barry announced the release of the Ultimate Extra Windows Windows DreamScene lets Windows Vista Ultimate users choose full-motion video as their desktop   After installing the final release of Windows DreamScene, I was prompted to download… Read more

Experiencing Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Beta

By Brandon LeBlanc

Today Microsoft is releasing the Beta of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 which was announced by Nick White few weeks I'd like to take the opportunity to share my very own experiences with Windows Vista SP1 Beta running on several… Read more

MSN Video V4 Launched with new Soapbox features

By Brandon LeBlanc

Here on the Windows Experience Blog, I use Soapbox on MSN Video to embed and share all my videos for my blog Tonight, the Soapbox and MSN Video Team has launched MSN Video V4 with new features to Soapbox worth… Read more

Microsoft Team Blogs

By Brandon LeBlanc

UPDATE 6/15/2009: For an up-to-date list of official Microsoft Team Blogs - please see this list This list is updated regularly and an excellent resource! Thanks! Read more

The era of Quad-Core is upon us!

By Brandon LeBlanc

On Monday, Nick and I flew out to San Francisco to attend AMD's Premiere Event announcing their quad-core Opteron With Intel's quad-core hardware and now AMD moving full speed ahead - the era of quad-core processing is here! Prior to… Read more

Announcing the Windows Live suite with unified installer


Today Chris Jones, Corporate Vice President of Windows Live Experience Program Management, has announced the availability today of new betas for the new wave of Windows Live These new beta releases showcase Microsoft's goal in releasing the new Windows Live… Read more