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March 5, 2010
Windows Phone Developer Blog

Welcome to the new Windows Phone Developer Blog

As we roll towards full public disclosure of the details of the Windows Phone 7 Series development platform there needs to be a place where members of the team building it can engage in conversations with the community.

This is the place. Subscribe to this feed to get deep technical information on the tools, platform capabilities, and so forth. We’ll be linking to other blogs and content sites as well. We’ll do our best to keep away from marketing spiel and instead focus on great technical conversations.

On twitter we are @wp7dev.  We use #wp7dev to track twitter conversations on the platform.

Here are a set great blogs from some of the team members you’ll be getting to know:


Charlie Kindel:

Topics: Everything
Twitter: @ckindel

Andre Vrignaud:

Topics: Multi-screen gaming
Twitter: @ozymandias

Christian Schormann:

Topics: User experience design
Twitter: @cschormann

Shawn Hargreaves:

Topics: Game design
Twitter: @shawnhargreaves

Todd Brix:

Topics: Marketplace
Twitter: @toddbrix

Anand Iyer:

Topics: Mobile social media
Twitter: @ai

Michael Klucher:

Topics: Game development
Twitter: @mklucher