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March 30, 2010
Windows Phone Developer Blog

Demo Apps from MIX10 on Windows Phone 7

Some of you may have seen the Windows Phone 7 Series demo apps that were shown during the MIX10 keynote. If you missed them, here are videos of the demos that were shown during the keynote.

XNA demo

Microsoft originally created “Goo Splat” for Zune HD with XNA Game Studio and ported it to Windows Phone 7 Series. “Goo Splat” is a casual game that challenges the player to keep the goo from falling to the bottom and prevent the screen from filling up.

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Loïc Le Meur from Seesmic shows the cross-platform capabilities of Silverlight. Seesmic is a BizSpark One startup.

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Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer’s application for Windows Phone 7 Series lets fans track their favorite teams in real time, with notifications of game events, game stats and the ability to watch highlight clips via Silverlight and Internet Information Services Smooth Streaming.

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Foursquare is a mobile application that lets you share your current location with your friends. Microsoft demonstrated an application that highlighted the location and mapping capabilities of Windows Phone 7 Series using the Foursquare APIs.

You can download the source code that was used to build this demo over on Codeplex:

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Using the Deep Zoom capability in Silverlight, offers an immersive comic book reading experience on Windows Phone 7 Series that incorporates social interaction, with access to the subtleties of artwork and inking. is a Microsoft BizSpark One startup partner.

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This Netflix app for Windows Phone 7 Series will include a list of new releases as well as a list of recommended stuff under the heading “Movies You’ll Love.” After watching the video, it’ll also show up in the recently viewed menu of the Music and Videos hub on Windows Phone 7.

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Associated Press

Associated Press (AP) worked with Microsoft on a rich news reading experience to serve as a launching point for AP Mobile on Windows Phone 7 Series. A panoramic user experience incorporates news, social networks and photos as a way for people to select the newsmakers that interest them.

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Shazam is an amazing music discovery engine that allows you to find, buy and share the song that is playing right now.

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To get the tools required to build apps like these, head over to

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