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July 8, 2010
Windows Phone Developer Blog

Meet the Windows Phone 7 Rockstar team – Beastware

Anand Iyer here, and I’m onsite in Warsaw, Poland for the Imagine Cup 2010 finals. Last month, we announced the winners for the Windows Phone “Rockstar” contest – a team named Beastware who had created a game called “Droid Assault” a 2D XNA Framework based game for Windows Phone 7.


Today, the Polish Minster for Science and Higher Education, Barbara Kudrycka, awarded Beastware with their prize winning check. And to much of the team’s surprise, they were also awarded Windows Phone 7 devices – this team is one of the first set of non-Microsoft developers to get Windows Phone 7 preview devices!


We got to catch up with the Christian Hood, 17, and Eric Lo, 16, from the Beastware team. They are high school students at the Advanced Technologies Academy in Las Vegas, NV. One of the questions I had for them was how they emulated the accelerometer sensor and I was especially blown away about how the team had built a Windows version of their app using the XNA framework and used a library called WiimoteLib. They then ported the app to Windows Phone 7 and trusted that the accelerometer on the device would “just work” – and it did!

Here’s a short video interview with them:

Beastware Intro from Anand Iyer on Vimeo.

Also, here is a demo of the app:

Beastware Droid Assault Demo from Anand Iyer on Vimeo.

I’m really proud of what the Beastware team has accomplished I can’t wait for Droid Assault to hit the Windows Phone Marketplace!