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September 29, 2010
Windows Phone Developer Blog

Update to 10/12 MSDN Simulcast: Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch (Mountain View)

There was quite a bit of buzz around how do I join the simulcast event on 10/12.  Register  for this free online event and join us online as we stream an in-person Windows Phone 7 event. We’ll take you under the hood of Windows Phone 7 and the Windows Phone 7 platform with a progressive set of learning sessions. We’ll start with the basic tools and fundamentals of Windows Phone 7 application development, plus key design guidelines and our philosophy behind the all-new Metro interface paradigm. As the day unfolds, we’ll go deeper into Windows Phone 7 development scenarios using Silverlight, XNA Game Studio and the Windows Phone 7 SDK. You’ll also see how to earn cash for your apps in the fully loaded Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.