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December 13, 2010
Windows Phone Developer Blog

Windows Phone Recipes – Helping the Community

(Blog post updated with new links – 1/31/2011)

Windows Phone recipes are open source (MSPL) projects aimed at helping Windows Phone developers with their Windows Phone applications. Recipes are usually common patterns for topics that require some attention. The idea is to provide a sample with some reusable code that can be reused later and modified to fit other similar scenarios. Developers are more than welcome to use them as is, or to change them as they see fit.

We try to limit the scope of recipes to patterns that are not in the current platform, and that are not too large in scope. With that said, some of the samples are quite large in order to illustrate the proper usage of the pattern.

As these are open source projects, the update schedule is not well defined. With that said, we’ll fix critical bugs and take feedback updating the code base from time to time.

Current Windows Phone Recipes:

(We’ll update this list with the links to the recipes as we release them on a weekly bases)

Planned Recipes:

  • Async Data Provider (smart cache)
  • Faster application loading time techniques
  • Push Notification for Azure
  • Shake Library (advance accelerometer library)
  • Try & Buy Helper

(We love to hear from you about which recipes you like or think are missing)

Warning: These code recipes are delivered as is with no support or any promise for continuation.

Your feedback on the recipes (code, samples, and docs) and on the recipes we are planning is more than welcome.