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June 8, 2011
Windows Phone Developer Blog

Building mHealth Apps

Hey, my name is Sean and I usually share my thoughts online at my Family Health Guy blog, but I’ve got some pretty exciting news, so the Windows Phone guys were kind enough to share their space with me.

There’s a huge groundswell of investment and activity around “mobile health” — technologies like Windows Phone 7 are helping people become safer, healthier, active and independent. “Health and Fitness” is one of the hottest categories in the Windows Phone Marketplace, and developers like you have contributed hugely to the breadth and quality of those apps.

We are super-excited to announce that we’ve just enabled Microsoft HealthVault, an online service that helps consumers manage, store and share their health information, for mobile development— so you can be part of the mHealth Revolution. Woo hoo!

Using HealthVault will make your mobile health apps safer and more secure, but the REALLY cool thing is how they’ll become connected to the rest of the HealthVault ecosystem. HealthVault already has connectivity to dozens of health and fitness devices — it can import medication records from Walgreens and CVS, lab results from Quest and LabCorp, medical images from discs (X-Ray viewer for WP7 anybody?), and much more — combining mobile capabilities like location and social networking, the potential is pretty wicked.

To learn more and get started coding, check out the WP7 HealthVault library on Codeplex. We can’t wait to see what you build!

Sean Nolan
Distinguished Engineer, Health Solutions Group