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September 9, 2011
Windows Phone Developer Blog

#WPAppItUp Wrap-Up

Update (9/20/2011):  I originally incorrectly attributed @south_melta’s project and have fixed below.

About two months ago we issued a challenge to student developers:  create an awesome Sketchflow prototype for an app.  The reward:  be one of the best and win one of 50 HTC Mazaa developer devices.  We’ve seen some inspired, innovative ideas (see round 1 and round 2 winners).  So what have we seen?

788 Tweets for #WPAppItUp

281 prototypes created

203 participants submitting prototypes

There was definitely variance amongst the prototypes submitted; however there were three, common themes amongst the stand-outs:

  • Clarity of Purpose – Easy to understand what the app would do and for whom.  There were various ways we saw this:  use of an “about” screen, using notations throughout the prototype, and the use of another web-page or even a video explanation.
  • Innovative – The app did something new or accomplished something in a new way.
  • Use of Metro – Even though just a prototype (we weren’t looking for finished UX), it felt like it belonged on Windows Phone due to the choices made in layout, in the use of controls (e.g. pivots), etc.

If you’ve been following #WPAppItUp then you likely know that we’ve already awarded 35 of the 50 phones.  That means we have 15 more to award today, right?  The problem was this:  it was extremely hard to find 15 worthy winners…so we found 18:

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@cbarretopy (
@cyeung22 (
@elixir_pr (
@foodfridge (
@lancewmccarthy (
@makensley (
@mendzapp (
@netowp (
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@phonejake (
@piotrhechelski (
@ramdaffe (
@south_melta (
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@unclecm (
@vovasoft (



Please join me in congratulating all the winners for #WPAppItUp!

I acknowledge and applaud the efforts and contributions of all the students who have taken the time to create and submit a prototype.  There were many great submissions and I encourage everyone to push forward:  get feedback on your prototype and iterate.  Then move ahead and build the actual app.

We will continue to work with and support student developers to help them be successful in their exploration & targeting of the Windows Phone platform.  Keep an eye on the blog here over the coming weeks for more on our plans.



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