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September 28, 2012
Windows Phone Developer Blog

Dev Center gets new translation feature

Since launching the Windows Phone Dev Center last month, we’ve been reading your comments and monitoring support requests closely. This week we’re rolling out the first of a planned series of regular updates to Dev Center. These are designed to both address any issues that you identify and occasionally include some small feature enhancements and other fun surprises.

This month’s update includes more than 100 tweaks and fixes. Most are intended to improve reliability and performance or fix app submission issues you’ve reported. We added image caching for better site response, rewrote some error messages you told us were confusing, and added a new time-saving link in the app download report to the app details.

Finally, in the fun surprise category, this month’s update also adds the ability to quickly translate user reviews into the language of your choice, so you can more easily understand what your customers are saying about your apps.

A new monthly update to Dev Center adds the ability to translate user reviews into the language of your choice using Microsoft Translator.

Please keep the feedback coming. We’re listening.